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How to restore a blocked Facebook account in 2021

How to restore a blocked Facebook account in 2021

Recently, many Facebook users have become suffering from the problem of attending the Facebook account and do not find a way to retrieve the account present in this article. The correct way is to retrieve the attended Facebook account by following the following steps

Note: This method is valid for real, not fake, accounts

Your account on Facebook has been deactivated Please confirm your identity This is the worst message you can face while trying to log into your Facebook account

It happened with me several times, but today I am writing this post with an account that has been closed for a while and I have returned it in a way that I will explain in 3 steps. How to retrieve your attending Facebook account, after I applied this method yesterday, I was able to retrieve my account on Facebook within only 8 hours and the second after about 24 hours

Follow me the next steps

First, you enter the first link and fill in all the information, phone number or email + your full name on your Facebook account + ID card 👇

First link

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------

Then you click on this second link and download the ID card + email or account phone number and click Send 👇

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------

the last step

Click on the link below and enter the name + surname + email or account phone number + date of birth that you put in the account + ID card, then send this message in the description and press send 👇

The second link

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

the description

Hello Facebook (I put your name here)

account was disabled for personal and I do not have other was impersonating a final I own interactive Facebook did not cause to harass one, I hope to support the Facebook team to reconsider the Diary my account and I have not violated the terms of Facebook, and here I may annexed personal identity and I ask you to review Me and reactivate my account thank you

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------

Follow these steps, and your account on Facebook will get you tested.

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