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Find out the best days and hours that you can use to post on Instagram

Best time to post on Instagram

    Learn another reason why you should know your target audience, and what are the benefits of getting more interactions and profits on Instagram.

Best time to post on Instagram
Best time to post on Instagram

    Knowing the best time to publish on Instagram and on all other social media is very important and is completely equivalent to the importance of producing and creating content, as well as the quality and quality of it, and continuing to publish content on social media.

    You can also arrange and format as necessary for this content, and plan the publishing process each day. But all this will be of no use if no one sees this content and you are not really able to sell and promote it on social media.

    And the Instagram numbers, in general, are surprising and surprising, there are more than a billion users, of whom about 500 million are using Instagram Stories every day, and this means that among these many people, your target audience may have an account on this medium of communication, for this reason, Everyone wants to win a sample or a market segment and for this very reason, the competition is getting fiercer.

    To ensure good interaction on this social media and beat the competition in this regard, all you need to know is the right timing to post. For this reason, continue reading this article and learn the best times of the day and throughout the week that you can think of to post on Instagram and gain as many engagements as possible.

Learn to choose the best time to post on Instagram

    To really be able to enjoy the best visibility on Instagram, gain interactions, and even try to sell more, it is necessary to understand more about the topic of social media management, after all, there are a lot of points that can affect your success.

    Knowing the best time to post on Instagram is one of the important things and details, as there are certain times of the day when your target audience is more online and active, for this reason, when you post photos, videos and texts during these times, you have more chances of getting more views. content and gain interactions.

    To better choose such times, follow these tips:

  • Know well the characteristics of the appropriate customer for your business

    Understanding your target audience is the most important step to know the best time to post on Instagram and others, right? Knowing the characteristics of the appropriate customer for your business or as we call it the persona representation helps you discover the characteristics of the ideal consumer, and based on these characteristics and characteristics, you learn more about the tone of the conversation, the tone you use with them, the language in general, strategies and other important details.

    Even if you can't find out these details now, but knowing exactly who you are talking to, and getting to know your audience, helps you well and guides you to discover the best time to post on Instagram and sell online.

    Ask questions and do more research about your audience, gather information about their lifestyle (lifestyle), age, routines and routines they do, and other important things…

  • Try to understand your audience more

    Probably they were not learning these details, but Alanstaqram offers you a tool to analyze the data and important figures call Instagram Insights or visions on Instagram. To use it, it is enough to have a business account on the network.

    What is special is that this tool provides you with many metrics and indicators such as the days and times that the target audience is on the network, as well as information about their age group, geographical location, and even interaction periods.

    This is one of the advantages of Instagram that can help you choose the best time to post.

  • Find out where your followers are

    Another important point that can affect the best time to post on Instagram is finding out where your followers are.

    This is because depending on the city, state or even the country in which most of the audience being monitored is located, online peak times can vary greatly and even the time difference can be different.

    For this reason, be wary of this data when planning a content calendar or even when determining the times and dates of posts.

  • Use Instagram data for business Instagram for business

    The platform shows you many elements that can help your business determine the best timing to post on Instagram, such as real reach, age and location, as well as the times and hours that people are actively on this network.

    To find out such information, it is very simple: first, you must log in to the platform and then click on the button in the form of three parallel horizontal lines.

    With this, you click on the “Information” option and then on the “Audience” option. Finally, click on “Followers”   and then on the “Hour” option.

    Such a technique helps you to get a very good performance on Instagram.

  • Take the tests

    This process is not easy at all, it requires effort, toil and fatigue, you must make effort and try continuously. It is essential that you try things and get to know the details and then get the best results.

    What do you think of the experiment? Do A/B tests and don't give up on the topic of good Instagram censorship to better understand the workflow and performance.

  • Using social media tools

    Many tools provide useful metrics and numbers on social media and help you a lot to know the best time to post on Instagram.

    They are tools and equipment that help to automate processes on Instagram and help to conduct analyzes that are based not only on timing but also on the type of posting that is done, as well as on the behaviour of users. 

Some of the tools that offer such monitoring are:

Hootsuite website

    This site offers many features and tools, which helps not only to understand the best times to publish but also to improve publications on more than one network.

Opportunity Socialbakers

    This site allows the analysis of competing sites around you and helps you in many other factors besides the issue of discovering the best time to post on Instagram.

    Some of these tools have mobile applications and offer many features and actions that help in managing social media, such as performance reports as well as publications calendar and scheduling.

Best times to post on Instagram

    In fact, there is no timing that fully applies to the performance sector or the performance area in the market.

    The best times to publish can vary a lot depending on the sector you work in. For example, the health sector, for example, may not reflect the same times and dates experienced by the technology sector, for example.

According to Sprout Social (one of the sites that helps monitor posting times on Instagram ), the best times and dates are :

  1. Sunday: from 8 am to 2 pm.
  2. Monday: from 11 am to 2 pm
  3. Tuesday: from 10 am to 3 pm. As of 7 pm...
  4. Wednesday: 11:00, as well as from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
  5. Thursday: from 10 am to noon.
  6. Friday: 10 a.m. to 11 a.m
  7. Saturday: 10 am.

    It is very important to highlight that these times differ from country to country, try to measure these times in your country and try to apply them to other countries that you target taking into account the time differences and information you have about the market.

    As we mentioned, the only and effective solution lies in testing and experimenting, and experience is the best proof, as they say.

Best time to post on Instagram for non-profit organizations

    For organizations and companies of this type, the best time to post on Instagram is between noon and 5 pm from Saturday to Thursday.

    It should be noted that the best day to post is Sunday and the worst day is Thursday.

The best publication dates for the educational sector

    For educational facilities that provide educational offers, the best time to post on Instagram is at eight in the evening on Sunday, perhaps because it is the first day of the week in most Arab countries.

    As for the rest of the days, it's a good idea to post between 11am and 4pm and try to avoid Friday afternoons.

The best dates for posting on Instagram for the health sector

    The posts with the best performance say they are done on Mondays at 1pm, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9am and 4pm, it is very likely that posts about this area will have more engagement.

    For this sector, don't think too much about taking advantage of the weekend.

Best times to post on Instagram for the technology sector

    As for technology companies, Friday is considered one of the worst days in which to interact with publications, and the best times to publish are: 10 am every Tuesday and Thursday, when the largest gathering of the audience looking for publications can occur as well, specifically from 10 am AM to 5 PM.

The best time to post on Instagram for the retail sector

    For those who work in the field of retail and want to post on Instagram, they can use the time between 11 am to 1 pm every Friday and Saturday, and perhaps because most people are on vacation on such days.

    Interaction occurs every day of the week between 10 am and 3 pm, while Sunday is considered the day when there are not many interactions or reading a lot of posts since people start the work week on this day (in most Arab countries).


    If you read this article carefully and slowly, you should definitely note that the secret behind knowing the best time to post on Instagram is knowing your target audience in the smallest details.

    To have an abundant and good amount of interactions and to achieve and create all the conditions that lead to this is a very important thing, but without knowing with whom you are dealing or shopping, it will be very difficult for you to know the best hour and the best day to send a useful marketing message and achieve the desired goal.

    What do you think? Have you had a similar experience in such situations and reached a certain time of day that brought you more interactions on Instagram? Tell us your opinion or questions about the topic through the comments space at the bottom of the article.

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