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The best tools for managing your online marketing business

tools for managing your online marketing business

The best website and tools to help you run your online marketing business
The best website and tools to help you run your online marketing business

    The work of a marketing specialist is a complex job and is not considered easy. In the end, he is the one who often needs to think about how to communicate with the customer, and therefore he always needs to discover and learn more business marketing tools.

    In addition, he is not only interested in selling products and services, but also in the way to establish a good bond and relationship with the customer and try to gain his loyalty and make him interact with the brand or brand.

    For this reason, he must rely more on digital marketing and other methods.

    On the other hand, many entrepreneurs waste a lot of time by not using one of the marketing tools that can help them a lot in their work, interpreting, translating and collecting information in a somewhat traditional way.

    That is why we invite you to continue reading our article and learn about a set of marketing tools that will be useful to you.

Useful online marketing tools

A_ Analytics Tools

    These tools are excellent options so that you can measure the performance of your business, whether for marketing strategy issues to make the best choices or to generate and generate traffic and more traffic.

These tools actually help to better analyze your target audience, understand their basic needs, consumption methods and other important and useful information.

By having good information at hand, as a marketing specialist, you will be better prepared to meet the market, promote your business and organize the business that brings you more revenue and profit.

Examples of these works include

1- Google Analytics

    It is a really important marketing tool, and it helps you follow and monitor many important points, in the digital field, from following up on the performance of the site and ending with your pages on the social media accounts of your brand.

Using the Google Analytics tool, you can understand what areas are working well for your strategy and what is not, what your target audience is looking for, their conversions, traffic and traffic sources, as well as producing reports that include key performance criteria.

2- Google Search Console Tool

    In the Google Search Console tool, you can see how Google places your business page in search results when a user searches for keywords related to him.

With this information, you know what aspects and things to improve to get better rankings in Google search results and increase your chances of attracting customers more easily.

3- SEMRush

    This tool compares your site with those of your competitors. Through this, you can find out the most used keywords, learn about their ranking in Google search results, and much other information that helps guide your content strategy.

The analysis and detection of such factors will give you the benefit, and thus obtain information and discover the things and aspects that you must improve in terms of the concept of search engine optimization techniques.

B_ SEO tools

    Thinking of SEO tools means thinking about organic, natural growth of network traffic, keywords, search algorithms, inbound marketing and even SEO mundane business.

Mastering this set of techniques is a difficult task, but the tools make the job a lot easier. Get to know some of them:

4- SEMrush tool

    We mentioned SEMrush above, but it doesn't cost anything to talk about it again, as it is one of the tools used to take care of the SEO field.

It not only helps to better analyze the market in which it operates, but also provides you with a comprehensive and complete analysis of the main competitors.

It allows you to plan your key keywords and map out the strategies that underpin content production. In addition, through this tool, you can rely on a reliable source of research numbers for each keyword or keyword, which helps to choose the most strategic concepts for business.

5- The Ahrefs tool

    It is a tool that provides backlink analysis, which helps to measure performance as well as make links to your site.

The tool also helps to understand and identify the topics that are very popular on the Internet, in a way that makes you prepare the content according to the elements and things that are searched for.

6- Yoast

    It is one of the marketing tools that help to understand the text better to be more reader-friendly on Google.

Through it, you can get to know the points that you must achieve to improve the site of your publication on the website, such as URL paths, the number of keywords used, meta descriptions, and lots of other points that sometimes go unnoticed.

7- Google Keyword Planner

    Keyword Planner is a free tool from Google that helps you identify the best keywords for a specific topic or field, whether in content development or paid campaigns.

This tool comes with the Google AdSense tool which can help you to set up good marketing campaigns, improve the content created and also earn good rankings among the search results.

8- Google Trends

    Another free service is Google Trends, which helps to identify the most popular and searched topics and keywords on the Internet.

The difference here is that Google Trends helps in getting new ideas and identifying new trends in specific regions and geographic locations.

C_ Email marketing tools

    Email marketing tools are very necessary for a business to use the best data obtained from consumers.

It is important to say that it is not enough just to send email or email to the expected client, but it is necessary to understand the process and customer journey as a whole, as well as sales suppression or the Sales Funnel to led at each stage to be an appropriate time to complete the purchase.

9 - HubSpot

    HubSpot allows you to send marketing messages, as well as analyze data from these emails, such as open rate, revenue and conversions.

The tool also allows the creation of customer relationship feed paths and segmentation lists.

There are both free and paid versions on this site, which helps to offer a wide variety of tools and equipment so that it is possible to translate and interpret mailings into successful businesses for the brand.

10- MailChimp

    The site MailChimp is another tool of marketing tool that is used frequently and offers you a free version that allows you to send up to 12 thousand free emails, and you can add a new contact 2000 per month.

Through this tool, your business will be able to create good emails containing images, unique information, as well as useful options for data analysis, establishing connections on social media, external links and more.

D_ social media tools

    Social media is a great way to be online, but to do good management of these social media is something that requires a lot of work, considering that it requires a lot of planning and organization, good posting, interaction with followers and more.

11- HootSuite website

    This site allows you to manage your commercial accounts on many social media, and conduct business such as programming and scheduling publications, following up on topics and things that are being talked about a lot on social media at the moment, and this helps a lot in writing content that incites interaction.

This site offers many free and paid versions, allows many business people to use tools and equipment in real-time, and improve content production.

12- BuzzSumo. website

    It is a digital marketing tool responsible for finding useful topics on social media, in a way that helps the company produce content according to the topics that occupy the forefront and people's hearts.

Through this site, you can see what influencers are posting, as well as competitors and brands in the field of performance and these are all things that help in making decisions.

13- Opportunity Socialbakers

    Socialbakers helps not only to analyze competitors and related brands but also allows you to know how the company's social media ads work and perform.

The tool also relies on many tasks that help improve the management's work on social media, such as scheduling posts, and automatic (automated) answers such as bots and others.

E_ Marketing automation tools

    Among the digital marketing tools that a company can benefit a lot from are these tools that help it automate some of its work to be automated. 

This makes it easier to do some work and activities.

Through it, you can prepare posts, test and compare posts to understand the performance of posts and more.

14- RD Station Marketing Site

    It is a marketing site that automates a set of daily business and functions that must be performed, such as lead management, network traffic, and others.

This service allows programming and publishing marketing emails, gaining and organizing potential customer data, and creating stages and methods that help the interested customer to apply and buy.

15- HubSpot website

    Again, we mention this site because it is useful in this regard as well, as it is a good option for automating some marketing processes in business, such as organizing sales, thanking interested customers and creating reports.

The tool allows you to manage the communications in your business, applying everything necessary to facilitate business.

F_ Conversion rate optimization tools

    It is not enough, as we know, to create and write content and wait for the conversion to come. Rather, it is essential to analyze the points that facilitate or hinder conversion for customers, and always try to make strategies adapt to reality to obtain better results.
Many tools help improve conversion, including:

16- SumoMe. website

    This site allows the creation of ad boxes for visitors as they browse the site, in a manner that encourages action.

This site also allows you to perform other actions, such as sharing links, analyzing data, helping to create a more dynamic “buy” button, and more.

17- Hotjar

    This site provides a more visual medium that shows how the audience interacts with it when it enters the site. It allows you to see which sites and pages are accessed the most, the route taken and which items are clicked the most.

Through this information, you can reorganize your site, in a way that makes the visitor go as quickly as possible to what he dreams of, and expand his opportunities to expand the business and achieve many sales.

Set up marketing campaigns and make it easier for yourself to work.


    As you saw in this article, it is indispensable to learn about a set of marketing tools to benefit from in your business field and to shine in the market among competitors.

Therefore, try to learn more about the sites and tools that we mentioned here, and try to choose from them what suits your goals and business.

What do you think? Share your questions or comments with us in the comments space below the article.

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Good luck, and see you again in another post.