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Tips to improve your YouTube channel results for monetization - Cours Youtube partie 1

Tips to improve your YouTube channel results for monetization - Cours Youtube partie 1

Tips to improve your YouTube channel results for monetization - Cours Youtube partie 1
Tips to improve your YouTube channel results for monetization - Cours Youtube partie 1

SGTInfo - SEO -02:00 14/07/2021 - Cours Youtube 

    A comprehensive and complete guide that leads you to the profit journey with YouTube - Part One

If you would like to realize followers on your YouTube channel and you would like to grow your business on this social network that has become captivating people, you ought to concentrate on the present set of details that come to show you ways to enhance the performance of your YouTube channel.

    Given the importance of those points, we'll mention them in some detail, and over the course of three articles, to assist you to understand the content of every one of them and apply them because it should.
To learn the way to improve the performance of your YouTube channel, concentrate on the present list

  • planning
  • Target
  • Content category
  • Video upload frequency
  • Video duration 
  • Scheduling or publishing calendar
  • Scenarios
  • Thumbnails and titles
  • SEO and Metadata

    But before we start talking, we'll learn a touch about how algorithms add YouTube.

YouTube logarithmic

YouTube maybe a private company and in fact, it needs money to survive. It does this mainly by selling space for advertisements within the sort of videos et al. on the location itself.
The longer you spend on YouTube, the more ads you'll see, so more companies will have an interest in buying more ads. 
Thinking about it, you understand more important than YouTube keeps its viewers watching more and more videos. Therefore, this point is more important than the number of views intrinsically.
And here enters the subject of the YouTube algorithm, which may be a mathematical formula utilized in the system to evaluate the video that keeps people watching it for an extended time, and identifying the channels that attract more people to observe the content in it…etc.
In fact, this mechanism has become so complicated that nobody, not even the programmers themselves at Google, can really understand what this exact algorithm works.
What is often known exactly is that the ultimate goal, which is not any secret to anyone: to stay people watching videos longer. In technical terms, increasing the watch time or user session in YouTube.
YouTube session time may be a term that goes beyond just the viewing time of a video, which is that the YouTube Analytics metric, which is calculated in minutes.
A session in YouTube represents the entire time a user spends on the platform, and intrinsically, the algorithm prioritizes content that helps run mini-marathons by transitioning from one video to a different one.
Videos that support this behaviour have an honest session start and are better evaluated by the system.
As for the videos that lead people out of YouTube, they're high indicators as a session end, and thus, such videos are penalized by the algorithm, which is to recommend these videos but before.
Despite this simplified explanation, things are literally more complicated, and among these points that the algorithm takes into account:

  • Comments 
  • Liked videos, and other metrics.

As you've seen, it's actually AI that decides whether or not it's useful to point out the videos in your channel to more people, and it is the one that decides to offer priority and preference to certain content, that content that proves to be the simplest at keeping people on the location.
So before you misjudge the algorithm, it is best to find out the way to use it to your advantage, albeit no specific model or model is ideal.
As well as your main goal is to extend the dimensions and base of followers for your YouTube channel. 

1- Planning

It is important that you simply plan well for your YouTube channel because creating a YouTube channel and developing content thereon is like all business in itself.
In fact, this issue is taken into account essential, but brooding about it seriously and strategically can affect the whole strategy you propose. 
When we mention a YouTube channel, there are tons of individuals who associate that with TV channels, but it isn't quite the case.
On TV, we do not have 1,000,000 options to settle on from… On the web, the experience is more personalized, and for this reason, it's very difficult for somebody to check in for a channel that talks about several sports at an equivalent time. If you're keen on soccer, for instance, you've got the choice to check in for a channel that talks about this sport, and you will not resort to a channel that talks about tennis or basketball, for instance.
Because of this sort of behaviour itself, it's vital to believe your audience. don't attempt to diversify the content an excessive amount, select the world during which you plan to figure and specialize in it.
For example, a YouTuber who prepares videos talking about makeup, for instance, may find it useful and wonderful to speak about his days and daily adventures, as a sort of lifestyle, but actually, this is often one of the foremost common mistakes among content creators on YouTube.
Note that an individual in such a situation targets different audiences, people that want and dream to find out makeup techniques and secrets might not have the interest in watching and following the small print of the lifestyle of a person… you'll find some people curious about that, but certainly this strategy won't assist you in mixing the contents on Attract more people to your YouTube channel.
In such circumstances, you'll run the danger of irritating a part of your audience that has just signed up for your channel in the hope of learning more about makeup
In this way, the algorithm notices such a change in dynamics and starts giving a nasty rating to your channel, and considers that it's not liked by the audience or most of the subscribers, and can not be ready to get their attention.

Can you imagine the result then?
YouTube will start giving priority to other channels that mention an equivalent field because the algorithms realize that the content of those channels is in a position to offer interest and may attract the eye of subscribers.

2- The goal

We mean: What would you wish to present to the subscribed audience of your channel?
Think about the goal of your YouTube channel, attempt to believe the goal that you simply intend from the audience and followers, that is: attempt to focus, for instance, on the subsequent goal: “reaching the amount (x) of subscribers to the channel, or achieving the amount (p) of views”, no Such a goal are often considered strategically advantageous, and you can't consider such a goal to talk for your audience.
 So believe the explanations why people might check in to urge the precious content you would like to supply.
Again, it seems like an easy question, but it's very difficult to not connect our deem content creators to the view and opinion that comes from outside, that is, from the audience.
If there are questions, run a test: “Rate the content to ascertain if it matches the interests of viewers and therefore the primary goal of the channel.”

3- Content categories: Help, Hub, and Hero

Since we are talking about content, YouTube itself advises that you simply choose content with some kind of classification to clarify and arrange the essential layout of it. We are talking about the subsequent categories here:

  • Content that gives assistance (Help) 
  • Content that stimulates the creation of a community (Hub/Connect & Connect) or Hub 
  • Content that's intended to focus on new audiences (Hero content).

In short: Help content means content and topics that bring viewers to you (content that helps them. Content that aims to enhance your relationship with existing audiences we call “Hub”) and useful topics find new viewers we call “Hero.”
Although this sort of classification doesn't apply to all or any cases, it is often an honest guide for you.
Here the recommendation is to form continuous videos of Help type, occasional Hub videos, and a couple of Hero videos.

Help content: you want to appear as if an educator 
The big advantage of working with this sort of video is that it's very useful for research on YouTube. If someone writes an issue on the location, there are many chances they're going to encounter your video. And remember that this is often one of the most uses of YouTube.
This feature is working with researched content may be a great benefit regarding social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, et al..
This way you create your viewers reach you on their own. Remember that YouTube is that the second-largest program within the world after Google, which belongs to an equivalent company.
A video that falls under the assistance category might not have much success initially, but its performance can improve over time as users look for solutions on the internet.
In general, the content that informs and helps viewers should structure the majority of the content on your YouTube channel, especially if your channel is a few specific sorts of business.
If this post may be a video, it should definitely be within the Help category.
This category is often called Hygiene and as this name speaks of something every day, a continuing activity and repair process to stay your channel “healthy”. this idea is beneficial in expanding the contents that don't necessarily help the viewer but are common and regular.
For example: during a music channel, Hygiene content is often found out differently from traditional singing tutorials, for instance.
The same applies to channels that provide humorous content, vlogs, or gameplays.

Content Hub: YouTuber Action
Hub is for content that seeks to determine dialogue, conversation, and communication with the audience subscribed to the channel. 
Good examples are videos about the vlog, live broadcasts, or maybe content within the sort of questions and answers.
This type of content is beneficial for building a community and enhancing communication between your fans, keeping them engaged with what you offer on the channel.
Since it's a kind of video and has meant just for the audience at hand, it's better if it's made less frequently.
In this way, back the Hub content only after your channel gets a big audience, so that it shows a stronger desire to interact and communicate directly with you, comments, and actively participates within the posts you provide on the channel.
When you provide Hub-type content, always attempt to take care to not lose specialize in your channel.
If you're talking about cooking, for instance, make a video about how you bought curious about the subject or tell fun and funny stories about cooking. you'll definitely recover results from your audience than if you made a video about your pet, for instance.
Additional tip
Use the community directory and YouTube Reels (a tool almost like Stories Stories Alanstaqram) to interact more together with your audience and understanding.
You can also use items like polls, and put questions within the comments pinned at the highest.
When you connect together with your audience through these resources, you'll also understand your audience more, and thus improve your content.

Hero content: act such as you own ads 
Finally, we've Hero content, the type that's made to succeed in a replacement audience that you simply haven't had any contact with on your YouTube channel before.
The video made during this category seeks to succeed in new audiences, the thought here is to make content that's as happy as possible to expand.
This type of video is often through with the aim of the back as a suggestion recommended by YouTube.
By having this content your channel will find more people and viewers, so you'll gain more subscribers during a short period of your time.
 Creating a Hero video isn't a simple thing, and it's recommended to form a really small number of it, as this content might not run an extended time, and typically takes more resources, time for production also as planning.
Besides, this content might not be of interest to a professional audience (who knows what they want).
To succeed with this sort of content, you initially need a solid base of Help videos and a few Hub videos to make sure that alongside important content, you've got a community that engages with what you offer, which helps attract new audiences.
When planning the content hub confine in mind that you simply do some quiet advertising on the channel, albeit it's indirectly.
These videos are very useful for the results that grab the spotlight, but as we all know, depending on views is often a lottery. So just specialize in doing something that features a higher probability of winning new audiences.
Take advantage of festive events and dates and check out to seek out new segments of the market associated with what you're employed in, to undertake to make content that gives some quite interest and is taken into account useful to them.
Here it's important to be creative and catch the attention.
To make it even more simple: if you wish fun and joke, and you've got a channel that talks about financial education, try making content (a series of videos) that shows modern music, while you mention a situation or situation that talks about a neighbourhood of finance.

Education, inspiration, and entertainment
Another way that YouTube suggests to you is to rate your videos by specifying if their purpose is education, inspiration, or entertainment.
Note that an outsized portion of the channels fit into one among these categories and this will assist you to identify your persona. 
Evaluating this sort of rating also helps you maintain the aim of your channel.
These classifications, as mentioned earlier, aren't rules and don't get to be strictly adhered to. you'll also mix, mix or match them... The important thing is to stay this division in mind because it helps tons within the planning that you simply will do.
You can also create different playlists or make small groups of videos supported these divisions if that's your situation.
Also, remember that for every objective it's best to specialize in specific indicators.

  • Do you want to expand your audience reach? specialize in the standards that relate to participation.
  • Do you shall establish contact together with your audience? specialize in the comments.
  • Are you thinking of providing useful content to your audience within the channel? specialize in putting likes on videos.

This was a group of basic instructions to live your success rate within the channel on YouTube.

Here we come to the end of the first lesson. We meet in the second lesson of the lesson on how to improve the performance of your YouTube channel