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Tips to improve your YouTube channel results for monetization - Cours Youtube partie 2

 Tips to improve your YouTube channel results for monetization - Cours Youtube parties 02

Tips to improve your YouTube channel results for monetization - Cours Youtube partie2
Tips to improve your YouTube channel results for monetization - Cours Youtube partie2

SGTInfo - SEO -02:00 08/06/2021 - Cours Youtube partie 02

A comprehensive and complete guide that leads you to the possibility of profit from YouTube - Part Two

Welcome to SGTInfo Blog, within the second a part of a comprehensive guide that teaches you ways to enhance your YouTube channel!

Video upload frequency

The question that involves people's minds often regarding the YouTube channel:

Do I want to post videos online every day?

No! On the opposite hand, many of us have tried to post videos a day on the channel and got good results.

As mentioned before, within the first part of this guide, YouTube gives preference to content that keeps users on the platform. So if you post more videos, you're more likely to stay people engaged together with your channel and keep them for extended periods of your time, right?

Besides, new videos tend to make a part of a recent history of users, and this is often something that's well rated by the algorithms, which within the meantime your channel is vital, and thus recommended more.

But on the opposite hand, since everything during this life has its negative side, take care, if you post videos a day, you've got the likelihood that it affects the standard and quality of the contents, and this makes people stop watching your videos completely or maybe to the top.

As such, the typical duration of views decreases, and therefore the YouTube algorithm begins to understand that the content you provide isn't the simplest for viewing.

Another thing that will happen is that your audience might not be ready to see all the videos that are being posted. Usually, YouTube realizes that your channel doesn't generate much interest and curiosity for subscribers, and as a result, your videos begin to lag behind in search results.

That is why it's vital to watch out for these methods and techniques, or as we call them hacks because the effect that's formed could also be the other of what you actually want.

Now it's much easier to know why making long videos is, in theory, better, since it helps keep viewers expecting longer periods of your time.

You can actually back this concept, but you'll run the danger of not keeping users sometimes, and this might cause the viewer retention rate to drop, therefore the algorithm may understand the other of what it intends and needs.

There is another negative aspect, which is that the session time.

After watching a really long video, the viewer tends to quit YouTube, which ends their session, as mentioned in the first part of this comprehensive guide, this is often not an honest or desirable thing for YouTube.

Video duration

  1. Do not prepare shallow or shallow content as we call it, and don't attempt to lengthen your videos without need, because such behaviour can make the videos unhelpful or unpleasant for them.
  2. If you would like to reference or level a particular length or duration of YouTube video content, to urge started, attempt to keep the video to six to eight minutes.
  3. If you've got a channel with an honest number of posts, use the median view duration value - YouTube Analytics - as your reference for adjusting the duration of the videos.
  4. As for the frequency of downloading, it varies tons consistent with the audience and therefore the sort of channel, but twice every week is typically enough to be published on the channel. Here, what affects this aspect is your ability to supply and make content, the foremost important thing is for it to be continuous.

Scheduling or publishing calendar

What is more important than simply frequency and duration is to possess specific and clear programming of the content.

Try to stick with something honest together with your audience and maintain a particular organization of the publication, everything should be organized within a schedule or chart.

If you've decided to post every Wednesday, for instance, at 3 p.m., attempt to stick with it. This shows that you simply are committed to what you offer on the YouTube channel, which you plan to get engagement with the audience.

On the opposite hand, this makes it easier for the audience, who begins to understand the precise time and time you publish, so you're less likely to miss the new videos that you simply publish.

Many channels use the duvet image of the video to tell the audience of the program that you simply have selected for publication, by placing a text that says, for example:

"Stay tuned for brand spanking new videos every Monday and Wednesday at 3 p.m.".

To not fail within the calendar and schedule that you simply found out, attempt to record several videos directly and then, quietly make video editing and publish them in batches on the channel.

Set an agenda or schedule and, if possible, plan scripts, specify a period of time of the day for these recordings. this protects your production time, since fixing all the equipment and tools needed for recording, scriptwriting, and scene selection can require hours of labour whenever.

With our suggestion, you'll roll in the hay just one occasion for multiple videos, and you earn that point.


Setting up scenarios varies tons counting on which channel is employed, but the most advice we offer you here is: don't attempt to overwhelm the audience.

Remember that you simply are always competing with other channels, and for this reason, it's vital that you simply respect the viewer's time.

You don't get to make a script for the entire video, there are tons of individuals who record the video spontaneously and automatically, or simply use a little banner with the most points which will appear within the video, just to function as a guide

But always be wary of the introduction you'll use. the primary ten seconds are key to retaining an audience.

At the start of the video, explained in a short way the aspects that you simply will mention, nobody wants to attend minutes to understand if they clicked on the right video or not. This avoids a coffee viewership retention rate.

Evaluate your graphs (total and relative) to undertake to know if your introductions are working as they ought to.

Through the introduction, it'll be useful to arouse the curiosity of the viewers or have a particular expectation of a special scene. it's ultimately important for the person to be ready to solve the actual problem (depending on the category of content within the video).

Speaking of the endings of the videos, when the video is close to ending, avoid using words and expressions which will suggest that you simply have finished the video, such as: “That’s it”… Because such expressions may push viewers to exit the video as soon as they hear it, and you'll miss a chance to Provide some important information to them.

This preserves the audience for an extended time and you'll cash in of the weather to place within the final screen, which may be added during the last 20 seconds in each video. a number of your options are:

  • Register or Subscribe button
  • Videos
  • lists or playlists
  • cards or cards

These items can assist you to lead and guide your viewers to a different action or action later.

Another tip is to ask the audience to discuss a video or recording. it's helpful to undertake such actions and actions at different moments and times to ascertain what works best for your audience.

Minimized pictures or Thumbnails

The cover image within the video or the thumbnails is vital to enhance the channel on YouTube.

The ideal is that this image embodies the content or video content. a really important tip for you: Use an equivalent logic that's utilized in movie banners.

For example: in Hero posts, just a fast check out the photo gives you an honest idea of the characters involved, the script, and therefore the general atmosphere.

Also, believe in the visual identity of those images because of the channel generally. the perfect is to make an endless and harmonious scene of the model that lets the viewer know and understand that the video is yours, just by watching it.

Use an equivalent colour palette, an equivalent type, and elegance, and always attempt to incorporate your own brand… the following pointers are so clever.

Thumbnails also can be wont to arouse the viewer's curiosity. attempt to set it up with an innovative and artistic outlook, and associate it with the content, this action can assist you to generate more clicks.

It is important that you simply attempt to distinguish so that you are doing not confuse the strategy of getting a viewer’s attention on YouTube with a technique of providing deceptive clickbait content. The effect that's formed is often negative. If the viewer feels that they need been deceived and exit the video shortly after clicking thereon, an algorithm works YouTube evaluates this content poorly, and reduces the probabilities that it'll be recommended.

Youtube video titles

  • When we mention video SEO techniques, the title may be a vital component of this strategy.
  • The title of the video with the thumbnail image shares the majority of the responsibility to draw in more clicks. attempt to dedicate enough time once you consider titles and do not roll in the hay too quickly. Take some time to consider the acceptable words.
  • The ideal is to organize alternatives so that you'll finally choose the one that suits you best.
  • Evaluate the titles you see in other videos on YouTube and check out to require advantage of the automated suggestions (autocomplete) that YouTube offers you, always attempt to use a separate or hidden tab so that your browsing data doesn't affect the results.
  • Use Google Trends or Google Trends to match these concepts.
  • Whenever possible, attempt to put the keyword at the start of the title and so as of importance.
  • Try to concentrate on the dimensions of the title. Remember that a lot of people access YouTube via mobile phones or from small screens, so this text often appears incomplete or incomplete to the user.
  • Smaller headings (up to 50 items) tend to garner better performance.
  • When there's a video series, you'll put the name of the series or the serie at the top of the video title.
  • It is also helpful to number the contents, as this helps the viewer to ascertain the videos within the correct order.
  • In some cases, the subject of the video may have less research on YouTube, and should not be attractive to the audience. In such cases, you'll change a number of your strategies and make strategic improvements to the subject of copywriting and SEO techniques.
  • Finally, use the title name to match the name of the enter question. Example: rather than uploading a file with the name (subscribers_video_final_mp4), and that I was getting to mention the subject of the way to gain more subscribers on my YouTube channel, it might be useful to use this name to call the file: “how_to_earn_subscribers_on_youtube” because it clearly explains what the video is.

SEO and Metadata

  • Speaking specifically about SEO or SEO techniques, there are a bunch of elements that we'll mention in Section Three - Chapter Three of our article here that introduces you to strategies for YouTube channel optimization: we'll mention tags, descriptions (video descriptions), subtitles, and more. …
  • This study and metadata have less impact on video performance than the title, video domain, and video thumbnail, but it helps support the video's rank among YouTube search results.
  • We highly recommend you believe a tool called VidIQ to assist you to get such information and data. attend the location, create an account, and install the extension in Chrome.
  • The program Tubebuddy is an extension to feature another who can assist you during this matter and also ensures that you simply manage your channel on YouTube.


In this article: Section 2 of the great guide to assist you to improve your channel on YouTube, you've got learned about important strategies and topics such as video frequency and interval, appropriate video length, the way to plan a content calendar or content calendar.

As well as useful tips for writing the script for videos, putting a beautiful title for every video, also as taking care of preparing a thumbnail that's very attractive for the videos… All the thanks to SEO and Meta Data, which we'll mention more about within the third section of this guide.

What does one think? have you ever tried counting on these strategies in your channel? Share your opinion and questions with us within the comments space at rock bottom of the article.

In conclusion, we leave you a piece of writing that talks about What is video marketing?

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