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Hologram Technology Applications

Hologram technology

    The most unusual and interesting applications for viewers are the major applications, which are based on laser beams and their reflections,

    whether in dark rooms with the tight use of lighting, as these applications rely on two surfaces with two basic dimensions that work to form a three-dimensional image that is accurate and close to reality, without the need for confusion Special glasses like the ones we wear when watching 3D movies.

Hologram Technology Applications
Hologram Technology Applications

What are the most advanced applications of hologram technology?

 Use of air plasma:

    To be able to watch the hologram technology, there must be a reliable medium, as this medium differs to be made of glass, smoke or a water medium, to enable the viewer to see it through the reflection of lighting from this medium, but what the company (Aerial) did Burton) will turn this rule upside down through a revolutionary technology development where the company was able to develop a laser technology that can ionize the air and turn it into a plasma through which the three-dimensional image can be displayed in the air without the need for another medium.

    In addition, the actual application of this technology appears in its initial form at this time, but it is considered a qualitative transformation in the future of this technology, which can be described as the future of hologram technology,

Digital Resurrection Applications:

    This application is considered one of the most impressive and famous hologram applications on the entertainment level, and we have seen it in several exceptional moments, most notably the appearance of the late singers such as Tupac and Michael Jackson, and as we saw recently at Umm Kulthum’s concert, which was held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and MDH Hologram Company owns The lead in developing and improving this technology, making it more realistic and using it later in entertainment uses represented in many concerts, and this technology relies on a high-quality advanced motion capture technology with the use of 3D designs via computer to design the person completely and then display it through a very thin glass And high transparency.

Hologram by multi-colour lighting:

    This technology relies on the use of built-in fans to obtain high-quality multi-coloured (RGB) lighting that can change colours in a fraction of a second, and with these fans moving at the correct speeds, they can also create high-quality 3D images. This is the basis for this technology, which was developed with a device called (The Hypervsn), which is capable of producing high-quality 3D images with a length of up to 3 meters.

Lighting field technology:

    In the past, this technology was based on circular glass that can display three-dimensional images by looking at them from a certain direction, and like other applications, this technology was developed taking advantage of the advantages of (LCD) screens, which enabled developers to develop a device such as (HoloPlayer One), And able to send 32 views of a specific scene and in specific directions. At the same time, this produces what is known as a “light field” and this device makes it possible to interact with the elements it produces very close to reality.

digital hologram tables

    If you've watched the Avengers or Iron Man series, you've definitely noticed Tony Stark's digital schedule, which includes buttons, pictures, and icons flying in the air. And that's after a South Korean team was able to take an important step towards achieving this, by creating the world's first 3D image, which can be viewed in 360 degrees simultaneously through the use of a set of high-powered multi-colour lasers, with the help of Mirrors rotate at a very high speed. And this team built this technology on a table; Which indicates the possibility of turning Tony Stark's table from a dream into a reality.

    There are also many other applications about this technology, which are designed by many research teams and innovations around the world, which indicates that the future of this technology still holds many development and many surprises, not to mention the practical applications of this technology that range from Entertainment and between scientific, astronomical, medical and military uses as well, and from here it becomes clear to us that hologram technology may contribute significantly to the development of human civilization and change how we deal with the world around us.