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How to start your e-commerce project well?

    The Internet is full of possibilities and the world of commerce is no exception. Indeed, buying online has become so commonplace that it is rare now that a physical store does not have an online platform promoting its products.

    One of the strengths of selling online is that the costs can be reduced.

    There is no need to buy or rent a room to receive your customers. A simple website will suffice and turnkey solutions such as Shopify will meet your needs.

    Of course, the importance of preparing a minimum is vital in the business world, it is also valid online and this is what we will see immediately!

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How to start your e-commerce project well

Find the right vein

    If you are used to shopping online, you will find that the choices are truly vast. To name only Amazon which is definitely one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world (at least in Europe and the United States), the possibilities are almost endless and you will find everything.

    It is obvious that at your scale and according to your means, you are not going to be able to launch yourself in this way. The priority is therefore to target your customers, this is called finding a niche.

    There are many areas where making money is possible. If the 5 main areas are: love (and sex), health, animals, money and education (as well as entertainment) these are still too large areas, you must reduce your sales area.

    Don't think, because an environment is extremely competitive, you don't stand a chance. It all depends on how you sell and the products you are going to offer. Getting into the e-commerce adventure is exciting and very interesting, but it obviously requires investment, both financial and time, to devote to this activity.

    If you are passionate about a subject, it can be a good thing to unite your audience or even your future customers through this area to sell them something that makes sense later.

    If you don't have any ideas, take the time to research and choose an environment where sales are important and then define what you would like to sell. Do not neglect this step, it is vital for the smooth running of your future e-commerce!

Convince your future customers

    Creating a storefront on the Internet is extremely simple, there are many solutions such as Shopify or WooCommerce. If the installation and the costs turn out to be extremely low compared to the reality of owning a store, a problem which must be grasped all the nuances is present.

    How to attract your future customers to your site? How to convert your visitors into future customers?

    There are many answers to these questions but a strategy must be defined as soon as possible to be sure to be able to make sales and therefore make your business profitable in the long term.

    Generally, two avenues are considered: buying traffic or making sure to build an organic audience over time.

    If the first choice is that of ease, it still requires more or less important funds. Indeed, buying traffic is generally done through Facebook advertising, Google Adwords or it is not impossible to contact influencers to promote your products.

    You can imagine that this technique, although it is formidably effective when it targets the right audience for your products, is generally an excellent return on investment, however, it takes the necessary money to launch such advertising and promotion campaigns!

    The other technique is to build an organic audience little by little. That is, people will come to your site because they found you through search engines.

    It is, therefore, necessary to see in the long term because it is a process that takes time and which requires knowledge in SEO, knowing how to identify your customers and patience! In general, creating a blog or social network to retain your audience, make your products interesting, inform them about them and the environment that concerns them will help to eventually make sales.

Build your brand

Whether in e-commerce or in everyday life, brands play a major role in our lives. There is no doubt that everyone has a few well-known brands in mind and can name them for various reasons.

    Your goal in getting into e-commerce is to respect this principle at your level of course. You are not going to be a Coca-Coke, an Adidas or even Renault in a few days but you have to keep this logic in mind.

    This involves building your brand's story, presenting your values, the qualities and the reasons why someone should buy your products and not those of a competitor brand.

    A brand can get noticed for various reasons, both good and bad, but it is vital to cultivate your public image and social networks are a very powerful tool to help in this direction.

The choice of name

  1.     If your brand name isn't everything. It can definitely benefit you just as a good logo will make a difference and help people keep you in mind. This is also true for the choice of your domain name.
  2.     If today this criterion is less important than before (especially from an SEO point of view) it is obvious that a clear and easy to remember name can help you get a step ahead of your competitors. The domain name market is very successful, some can sell for millions. You should therefore not neglect this step when creating your e-commerce.
  3.     In the same way, it will be good to privilege a domain or subdomain in .com (for commercial) and also in the language of your shop (for example .fr for France).
  4.     If of course, there are many extensions, these are to be chosen as a priority to show how serious your brand is but also so that someone else does not come to own these domains and therefore to wear confused with your e-commerce.