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iPhone headphones (headphones) problems and suggested solutions!

    Users of mobile devices and iPhones suffer from the problems of iPhone headphones (headphones), so we chose to provide solutions to the most prominent of these problems. It is not possible to enjoy songs or audio clips without headphones that give a great and distinctive sound.

iPhone headphones (headphones) problems and how to fix them

iPhone headphones (headphones) problems and suggested solutions!

1- iPhone system stuck in headphone mode

It is one of the common problems every iPhone user may encounter at least once, as the device cannot differentiate between normal mode and headphones once the headphones are disconnected, due to a software glitch that results in the iPhone remaining in headphone mode.

Using non-original headphones can cause this problem, and the solution to this problem is simple, you can grab the normal earbud also known as Q-tip, insert it into the headphone jack and then remove it, repeat the process 7 to 8 times.

2- Dirty headphone jack

A dirty headphone jack leads to a lot of sound problems. It may also disrupt the sound on your iPhone. This problem will be very annoying, as this can cause interference with the sound functions of the iPhone, as there can be accumulations of dust, or woolen threads, or small pieces of paper.

Many people think that this problem needs specialized maintenance, but you can use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attached to it, but the hose on the audio socket and turn on the vacuum, if there are still stuck materials, you can use toothpicks to remove it from the audio socket.

3- Headphone dampness

Moisture can cause a lot of problems in the audio jack, the damage varies according to the amount of moisture in the sockets To solve this problem you can use a hairdryer to dry the moisture inside the sockets on the headphone by placing the hairdryer on the opposite side and running it on medium heat until the moisture inside it dries.

4- The headset is connected but it does not work

It could be that the headset is not working due to the use of headphones other than the original headphones, and sometimes it could be caused by a software malfunction that can lead to this issue and not being able to hear anything through the headphones themselves.

To solve this problem attach and unplug the original headphones from the device several times, it will help the device to realize the difference between normal mode and headphone mode, it will come out of this state and back to work.

5- The sound is coming from one end of the headphones

This can mean two things either that the headphones you are using are damaged, or there is a large amount of dirt inside the headphone jack, this causes the headphones to partially turn on and the left speaker turns off and the right turns off, or vice versa.

To solve this problem, you must check the headphone jack and make sure that it is free of dirt, a flashlight can be used to find dirt, ie, dust, paper, or lint, to solve this problem follow the repairs for the second problem.