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How to repair and save the phone after falling into the water in a guaranteed way!

How to fix the phone after it fell in the water

    There are many accidents that may affect mobile phones (mobile, cellular or mobile), perhaps the most famous of which is the phone falling into the water, or its exposure to a large amount of water such as rain.

    By following the steps described in this article, it is possible to repair the phone and save it from any possible malfunctions if acted upon quickly.

Necessary tools

  1. Silica granules (with the ability to absorb moisture).
  2. A bag of rice.
  3. Vacuum cleaner .
  4. Cotton towels.

How to fix the phone after it fell in the water

How to fix the phone after it fell in the water
How to fix the phone after it fell in the water

1- Take the phone out of the water quickly

    Perhaps this step and quick wit is one of the most important things in order to save the phone and not lose it, isolating the phone from the water , whether it was exposed to rain, or if it fell into the water, is the most important option in avoiding any malfunction or damage that may affect the phone.
    If water falls on the phone while it is charging (connected to electricity), be careful to use your hands in it, it may be dangerous because of the possibility of electricity in the water, use a wooden stick to remove the electric charger from the plug, or turn off the main breaker feeding the plug in the room.

2- Disassemble the phone parts

    The first step after removing the phone from the water is to turn it off if it is in the on position . The next important step is to disassemble the phone, which is easy and simple.

    Take out the SIM card, then remove the battery, and remove the SD Memory Card. In the event that the parts of the phone are difficult to remove, an expert can be used in this.

3- Dry the parts of the phone

    We come to the next step, which is to dry the phone parts , by placing the phone and its parts on a thick towel to absorb the water from the remaining in the phone, and the towel can be passed over the different parts of the phone.

    It is very important to remove every trace of water, as one drop left is enough to disable the device and cause serious damage to it. Avoid shaking and moving the phone vigorously so that the water does not move inside it.

4- Other ways to dry

    You can use the vacuum cleaner to dry, by shining it on the phone parts for 20 minutes, while repeating it for the different parts of the phone. This dries up the water inside the phone parts. When using the broom, make sure that there is a space between it and the phone, and that the broom does not touch any wet part.

    It is also possible to use materials that have moisture- absorbing properties , such as placing the phone in a bag of rice for a whole day, or placing the phone in silica granules (which can be purchased from animal care stores, which are used to absorb animal waste), and leaving it for a whole day as well.

    Do not use a hair dryer to dry the phone , because the rushing air (even if it is cold) will dry the water inside the phone parts, making the water evaporate and moisture inside the phone, which may cause great damage to the phone.

5- Check the phone

    After at least 24 hours have passed, test the phone, by turning it on and assembling its parts. In the event that the device does not work, consult a maintenance shop to find out the extent of the malfunction and the damage to the phone.