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SEO Trends 2022: The 15 Best To Watch (Very) Closely

Tendency SEO 2022

What will be the main SEO trends to follow in 2022? Whether you work in an agency or at the advertiser, there is a good chance that you are asking yourself this question so here are in my opinion the 15 SEO trends that every SEO should watch out for now (and in the months/years to come). Some are new, others are historic, and remain as important as ever.

Each year, many SEO consultants, advertisers, and specialized agencies wonder about the trends that will impact the SEO profession on Google in 2022 (and especially the SEO roadmaps of those concerned).

Although the basics and good practices remain fairly ISO from one year to the next, some trends remain, others that emerge, and still others that fall into oblivion (although it is still as relevant to work…).

Tendance SEO 2022
Tendance SEO 2022

Infographic: TOP 6 SEO trends 2022 (by left digital)

Here is a selection (and infographic) of the 6 best SEO trends to follow in my opinion (very) closely in 2022!

1- SEO content generated or optimized thanks to artificial intelligence (IA and GTP3)

The great revolution of recent years, 2021 and certainly 2022 is undoubtedly AI and the generation of content dynamically thanks to and via artificial intelligence, in particular using GTP3 (but also other artificial intelligence most recent).

Tools like this automatic content generation tool (based on IA) or the very bo n of writing assistance tool / Optimization Articles for SEO "surf" currently on SEO this trend and help businesses make the most of AI to boost both the creation and the optimization of their content for natural referencing.

2- Google Discover, an SEO trend for content creation sites

Google Discover, the new Google News?

Google Discover is a new must-have feature for any site that creates news content (mostly).

Visible on the Google home page and the home page of the Google Chrome application, Google Discover allows certain sites to increase their traffic exponentially.

3- Quality net linking is (still) not dead!

While a good number of white hat SEOs announce the death of netlinking (creation of backlinks) by invoking the fact that Google detects, and no longer automatically takes into account low-quality links in its ranking algorithm for organic search results (and the integration of the Penguin filter in the body of its algorithm, in real-time).

Let it be said, the reality is always the same: quality links are still one of the positioning factors that have the most weight, and this, since the creation of Page Rank by Google ...

Be careful, as always, to keep a profile of quality links and anchors that are not over-optimized (if you want your site to remain in the TOP 5 over time, and not just ephemeral…).

(Although this is "less true" on uncompetitive requests where a technically clean site, quality internal networking, and quality content are often enough to position yourself in the TOP 3…).

4- SXO and CRO, the secret weapon of successful SEOs?

  • SXO = Search eXperience Optimization.
  • CRO = Conversion Rate Optimization.

If you are told that UX and user experience have no influence on the SEO of your pages, you are being lied to.

You only have to look at the first 3 results on many competitive queries to be convinced: Google wants to display the best possible results to its Internet users, why not take into account the ease of navigation and the 'UI?

  • Why wouldn't it take accessibility into account?
  • Why wouldn't it take into account the simplicity of navigation?
  • How easy and fast to find the information you are looking for?

You have 4 hours… (or the comments at the end of the article for debate 😉).

5- SearchDexing, a successful e-commerce SEO trend?

searching is a very popular practice for large e-merchants (Amazon, Cdiscount, etc.) and large marketplaces to create, on the fly, new pages based on the searches carried out on their internal search engines by their users.

This practice, when it is used well, is formidable to obtain traffic of more or less long tail on generally transactional keywords.

6- The “Deep Trend” (or long-tail) which does not exist in the eyes of SEO tools, and under-exploited trend?

Are you intrigued by this long-tail 2022 SEO trend?

Yet over 20/25% of the searches that are performed on Google every day are new searches.

What source?

It goes back a bit, it dates back to 2007 but Udi Manber, who was at the time vice-president of engineering at Google and former head of Amazon's A9 engine, indicated it during a conference.

Since 2007, this number has surely grown as the search engine has become more and more popular but it gives you an idea of ​​the share of traffic that SEO tools can absolutely not quantify at all. nor estimate.

Interesting, isn't it? Doesn't that give you some follow-up in the ideas?

7- Local SEO, an SEO trend that is too often overlooked

Local SEO is not limited to Google My Business (now Google Profile Business) ...

Being present locally in the eyes of Google involves many strategies that work very well in 2021 and will continue to work in 2022.

When properly exploited, these local natural referencing techniques make it possible to attract highly qualified and geo-targeted traffic to one's site or that of its client.

8- SEO cross crawl + logs analysis for high volume sites, an SEO trend that is here to stay!

If you want to reference an e-commerce site, forum, large press site, or any other type of site that has a volume of pages greater than or equal to 1000 pages (approximately), there is a good chance so that you have a great interest in considering (if it is not already the case) to set up cross analyzes of crawl and logs.

Many tools allow you to do this for a more or less advantageous price.

9- RankBrain and voice searches, a real SEO trend or a false trend?

Voice searches are more and more frequent, year after year.

With RankBrain and Google's better understanding of long-tail queries and questions, it has never been more important to know how to answer Internet users' questions (especially through the optimization of its pages for PAA ( People Also Ask ).

10- The web perf in mobile AND desktop, an SEO trend in 2022?

Yes, because Google has announced a dedicated algorithmic update from the first quarter of 2022: the experience update desktop page (which will be released normally in March 2022).

From March 2022, sites that load slowly on the desktop will also be penalized by the Google PE (Page Experience) algorithm which takes into account the calculation of Core Web Vitals to determine whether or not a page passes the test...

11- Content is ROI, an SEO trend that continues (and will continue)

You only have to look at Google's SERPs to be convinced, the content remains and will remain a key success factor for any website, from the small corner trader to the largest international e-commerce site...

We are talking here of course of quality content and not of duplicated content, excessively spun or translated in a non-qualitative way ...

12- Structured data: FAQpage and other rich results, an SEO trend that's here to stay?

Yes. Clearly.

Whether it is about optimizing the place taken in the Google SERPs thanks to the FAQpage markup or the addition of a recipe, NewsArticle, video, products, or even CreativeWorkSeries markup (to obtain the yellow stars on Google), these practices are still as interesting and will continue to be so in 2022, in particular, to optimize SEO CTR (SEO click rate on Google).

13- Position zero (0), an SEO trend still interesting to exploit in 2022?

Optimizing a web page to appear in position zero is still as interesting as it was when Google launched this feature, although the number of queries triggering this type of result appears to be on the decline.

14- The infinite scroll on Google Mobile and Google Desktop in 2022?

If you follow the latest SEO news a bit, you may have seen the news pass like what on Google mobile, the infinite scroll (or at least, the end of the pagination) was now deployed in production and was not more than a simple spot test for Google?

If this is not the case, I invite you to read this article at the end of the pagination on Google and the beginning of the infinite scroll.

As with the experience update page which was deployed first on mobile and then on desktop, there is a good chance that this latest optimization of Google's search results pages will arrive very soon on all devices, computers included.

In 2022? Certainly.

What impacts and why do you have to be interested in it in my opinion?

The end of the pagination and the "infinite" scroll potentially means more visibility / SEO CTR for the results historically on page 2 and also possibly less SEO clicks for the results on the first page ...

15- Indexing optimization, a real strategic axis, and a real SEO trend for 2022

Have you ever heard of Google's 4-page penalty? If so, you know how important the indexing of your pages and an entire site is in SEO.

More broadly and not to mention this "niche" problem, although it affects many SEOs currently, indexing is a key subject for any site and even more so for news sites and sites with thousands of pages that require rapid indexing (eg sites linked to current events or sites with “event / ephemeral pages”).

Having a real monitoring of indexed pages (vs unindexed) and a real quality indexing strategy is, and will still be, essential in 2022.

What other natural referencing (SEO) trends to follow in 2022?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of other SEO trends that I think should be followed and worked on in 2022 (in addition to those mentioned above and depending on your industry and type of site):

  1. SEO on Google News,
  2. SEO on Google Images,
  3. SEO on Amazon,
  4. Referencing on YouTube and the "video" section of Google,
  5. SEO on Pinterest,
  6. SEO on Apple Podcasts,
  7. ASEO (App Store Optimization) on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store,
  8. Progressive Web Apps,
  9. Le ninja linking,
  10. The sponsored articles,
  11. AMP? (There, honestly, I'm not sure)

In short, you will surely have understood it, there is potentially a good list of other SEO trends that should not be overlooked in 2022 but all are not as relevant (and new) as each other depending on your industry and the type of site you work for.

Do you have any other 2022 SEO trend suggestions to submit? Want to spam comments in the hopes of getting a quality backlink? The comments are yours! 😉

Otherwise, do not hesitate to relay this article on the various social networks or to subscribe to our newsletter, it always pleases us (and it's free)!