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31 Best Professional WordPress Sports Templates to Create Your Site Uniquely 2022

sports WordPress template

If you are a big fan of sports and want to create a sports site on the WordPress platform, you should be careful when choosing a sports WordPress template for your site to choose all the details that can be added on your site, making it distinct from other sites .

Who among us did not feel the excitement when his favorite team won the championship cup, and who among us does not care about such a thing, in general, sports have become closely connected with our feelings, and this emotional relationship that many people have with sports has made sports a wide and very popular field of business, so many A sports fan who has a great passion for creating their own sports website to publish everything related to sports.

best sports wordpress template
best sports Wordpress template

Best sports wordpress template 

The process of creating a sports site is not difficult, all that is required of you is to be passionate about sports, and it is necessary to give great importance when choosing a sports WordPress template so that it must contain some features that you will need, and some points should be taken into account when designing the site, such as color so that Reflects the ideas of visitors, it must be distinctive and modern colors.

Side by side the site should have a special section for sports news, fixtures, fixtures and results, fans and visitors should be able to interact on this site, likewise, you should be able to show what you want to offer to your visitors that will benefit you from the reap profits.

The process of searching for a suitable WordPress sports theme that has technical features such as speed, responsiveness on different screen sizes and good compatibility with search engines can take a long time, so to help you achieve that in the next lines we will present you the best sports WordPress themes.

In addition, we would like you to have technicians with enough experience to help you choose the best sports WordPress theme from this list that is suitable for the idea, and you should know the difference between free and paid themes before installing the theme on your site.

Sports news WordPress theme

After we mentioned how to choose a sports WordPress theme , we must mention the best sports WordPress templates, to help you choose any of them before installing it on the site, and the most prominent of these templates are the following:

  • All Stars

The “All Stars” theme is among the best flexible and integrated sports WordPress themes, as it is specially designed for clubs, sports teams and athletes. Its design is also flexible and modular which makes it highly adjustable.

  • Sport Club

 The sports club includes many different types of sports such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey and tennis, this sports template also includes a number of different sports teams, players, sports news and fixed options that can be easily maintained.

  • WildRide

It is a sports WordPress theme for innovative ideas, this template is for sports bloggers, it has been updated to publish content and easy to read, it is very easy to install and run, besides that most of the template settings can be modified in the least possible time.

  • Pazara Sport

This sports WordPress theme is concise and responsive, it is suitable for different types of boutiques, clothing and fashion stores, cosmetics or similar websites that require modern and flexible designs, these sites need a rich and attractive online image, as well as many features and functions It can be said that this theme is an ideal model that can give a positive impression to your customers.

  • Eye Sports

This template is specially designed for modern and trendy soccer clubs, leagues, teams and players, customize your website as much as you like, you have tons of design possibilities with tons of changes and unlimited colors, you can see all the results, fixtures, blogs, teams and players in This template.

It is essential for a gym and fitness website to be strong, so any website needs that look as a few hot attractive animation effects and urban overall atmosphere, these are the words that can be used to describe the strength of the template.

However, this template is not only about appearance, website owners can find all the features they need to make a powerful digital presentation. This means that they can display events and schedules on the site if they want, but they can also use it to sell products. This template can also help businesses show their workplace and their clients' achievements with the best of the many options available.

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  • Vilva Pro

A sports WordPress theme like Vilva Pro can be used for lifestyle blogs, sports content, fitness and yoga website, etc. You can easily change the main colors that help you to reflect your brand identity across your site.

The Velva Pro template includes more than 900 Google fonts, with the help of these fonts you can adjust the typography position effortlessly, in addition, you can add a video, a static image, or even a slider in the banner part of the home page.

The Vilva Pro template also integrates many social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Blatter, many improvements have been made in the template speed , as the template supports Lazy Load feature to load images slowly, in addition, you can increase the number of attendees in the subscription section of its message Newsletter.

The Vilva Pro theme includes 48 homepage pre-designs with many different skins, unlimited boxes, etc. Moreover, the Vilva Pro theme is translation ready and supports RTL, and the theme also supports multilingual plugins, such as WPML and Polylang.

  • Metro Magazine Pro 

If you are a sports lover, then you will have a lot to talk and write about in your sports news site, after writing you have to organize a large amount of content to avoid losing this importance, and you will need to display the post on your website so that visitors can reach all your content.

 Metro Magazine Pro is a WordPress theme that will help you organize your content in an easy and attractive way. The template has been optimized so that you can easily add Google Adsense ads, and it has an ad blocker detector that will help you increase revenue.

You can also sell your own products easily with Metro Magazine Pro because it is fully compatible with Woocommerce addon, you should look for a professional to be able to adjust the template settings properly if you want to stay in the sports blogging game for a long time, try the free version if you are passionate about it If you want to get full powerful features, you may need to upgrade to the paid version .

  • Nomminous Pro

Nomminous Pro is a template based on sports magazines, blogs or sports news sites, this template has a lot of features and different types of sports, there are many sports news sites and the competition is of course very difficult, so you have to do something special and different.

All you have to do is work hard until you end up with a beautiful and well-organized template by writing a lot of sports and circulating content, and it is organized on the site using tags and ratings, but when you have a lot of categories, you will need a template that helps you organize smoothly, So don't be fooled by the beauty of the templates, just use the Nomminous pro template , and you will be amazed by its many amazing features.

This template will not only help you to organize your sports content, but it will also increase your revenue from your blog, and the built-in ad sections will help you get more money with some Google Adsense ads, if you want to sell your products, you can do that too With the Nomminous pro theme compatible with WooCommerce, this powerful theme has a free version if you want to try it, and if you want the full features, you can upgrade to the paid version.

  • Sports Mag

SportMag is a flexible and modern free sports magazine WordPress theme with Xpress themes, it is a sports WordPress mini theme from Xpress magazine, great for journalists, sports bloggers, SEOs and designers who want to make a good impression by creating a unique site In the world of the Internet.

It has many advantages that make it in the main menu when you choose a good template for your site, the most prominent of these features are the following: 

  • Responsive, fully optimized for search engines (SEO).
  • Ease of use.
  • Supports user registration through social media.
  • Easy to display random posts.
  • Due to its ease of use and being a fully responsive template, it has multiple comment systems that suit both beginners and professionals.
  • There are places for pre-made advertisements.
  • It contains many different forms of the home page that have been prepared in advance

  • Two 

This template is powered by Divi Builder which is an incredibly fast and intuitive editor, with this template you can easily design your sports website to whatever you want.

  • Mugu Pro

Attractive share buttons and clear box charts on the Mogo Pro template is something that will help you become a professional sports blogger. You can display ratings, news and sports ideas in an organized manner, while at the same time making the site responsive to different screen sizes. This template has some features, including the following: 

  •  Mogo Pro combines the latest CSS designs, you can easily change the color and font of the theme, so it is customizable, you can also choose from 5 different pre-made skins.
  •  Mugu Pro has built-in ad management features, to help you quickly increase your earnings with Google AdSense ads.
  • This template can also be used to sell your products or services using the WooCommerce plugin without any conflict.
  •  If your site visitors don't speak English, you can translate your site, because Mugu Pro is fully compatible with multilingual sites like WPML, Pollang.
  •  The template also supports right-to-left languages ​​such as english.
  •  You can try the free version but it won't have the full features.

  • VMagazine

VMagazine is a free customizable sports template with Xpress templates, and it has many features including the following: 

  • This template is suitable for newspapers, sports, magazines, sports blogs and news websites.
  • This sports WordPress theme comes with 4 beautifully designed templates that can be installed in one click.
  • This theme is fully responsive, customizable and flexible as it is built using the latest WordPress technology.
  •  The template is very easy to use and set up.
  •  Since this template is so easy to use, it can be easily used by beginners as well as professionals of the WordPress system.
  • You can also create your own designs as per your requirements using the pre-made templates. 
  • This template provides its user with a documentary option when they need it, and is easy to install, change settings and use.
  • Very flexible, fully adjustable and fast, loads super fast and adapts to different screen sizes.

  • Extra  

It is a sports WordPress theme based on the style of WordPress magazine, which can be used to create a sports news site, this template is powered by DIVI Building, so you can modify your site simply by drag and drop feature.

  • Nexus

Nexus is a well-organized template, you can create an organized sports news site with this template, it is responsive and optimized for various search engines. 

  • eGamer

eGamer is designed for video game blogs, but it can certainly be adapted to any sport. This template has advanced features, including: 

  1. Dedicated review system for authors, embed video from video sites like YouTube, change thumbnail size, and more.
  2. eGamer gives users control over a lot of functions, making banner ads, recent reviews section, recent video section, random articles section, and email addresses optional.

  • SportAk

SportAk is one of the great templates for sports clubs, and this template is also suitable for the following sports clubs: rugby, basketball, volleyball, handball, hockey and baseball.

  • evid

eVid is a sports template designed for vloggers so that you can display last night's game highlights or stream games live online, only for sites that intend to display videos in their mailing pages.

  • Splash

Splash is one of the premium sports templates, specially designed for sports clubs, basketball teams, football, sports news and many other sports, this robust and flexible sports template aims to present your club, your favorite players and your achievements in an impressive and professional manner.

  • Wp Soccer

This template is a modern and unique sports theme for sports team fans, it includes all the features (custom accessories) that you need to share your passion for sports as player list, league table, points table, player profiles, fixtures, results and more, using this kit you can create A magazine news site or only one local gym website if you're an owner.

  • Kickoff

This sports template is specially designed for modern football clubs, teams and players, you can also view multiple views of players' performance and list them according to their respective points, fixture list and match management.

  • Tennis Club

Sports WordPress Theme is an ideal choice for tennis clubs, coach profile, gyms, sports reviews magazine, sports store, and with its excellent design, this theme is an ideal solution to prove various achievements and make money online.

The WooCommerce plugin is designed to be ready to create a great store for sports apparel and equipment, and the Tennis Club theme is based on a powerful framework that will help you build an excellent sports related site.

  • Champion

Champion is the best sports WordPress theme for football, created specifically for sports clubs, football clubs, football news and sports organizations, and it is fully responsive. 

  • Soccer 

Soccer is one of the trendy and creative soccer sports templates, specially designed for soccer clubs, but it can also be used in any other sport.

  • Brentwood

The Brentwood Sports theme is responsive, the template allows you to easily create beautiful pages by simply dragging your own website, and the plugins built into the template will allow you to quickly build slides for any page without any extra effort.

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  • Kayaking 

It is a sports WordPress theme that is simple in design, and is an ideal solution for kayaking or sports clubs, if you want to create any school sports, or tourism website, then Kayaking will be right for you.

This theme focuses on displaying information on various sporting events, classes, competitions, schedule, and tutorials, and is fully compatible with the latest version of the WooCommerce plugin to allow you to create an online store for sports clothing and equipment or set up an equipment rental service.

  • Milside

Milside is a responsive theme, this theme comes with various well-designed pages suitable for different purposes, there are up to 4 homepage skins and many more pages for booking luxury and kick-off, gallery, prices, news list etc.

  • Adrenaline

Adrenaline is a sports WordPress theme that is more suitable for companies that follow sports and racing that make the heart beat faster, whether it's bungee jumping, paintball, rock climbing, or kayaking, we all love to rejoice in the face of our fears, this theme It is the perfect choice to bring out the adventurous atmosphere that many are eager to see.

  • Preimer SportPress

Preimer SportPress is a modern and premium sports WordPress theme , which allows you to create a professional sports website, you can easily create pages for the latest developments and events and collect sports news, and also you can create a dashboard to report the results of team members.

  • Sensei

Sensei is an excellent sports template that is suitable for many sports projects. The dark colors evoke the emotions of the visitors, the image reinforced design makes it possible to display strong and attractive images, you can post the latest updates at the bottom of the site and attract more potential customers.

  • Sports

Designed for gyms, centers, social clubs, and special interest clubs, this theme is cleverly designed and is multi-page and multi-purpose, an ideal choice for clubs, community centers, sports sites and non-profit sites, this theme is flexible and incredibly customizable.

  • Workout

Workout is a responsive gym template, designed specifically for the fitness community, Display in your gym important information such as GPS, trainers, programs, even clothing sale Do your best to increase site visibility and usability, you should Operate and design it in the least time and with ease.

  • Goal Club

Goal Club is fully responsive to some types of sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, soccer and tennis club games, this sports WordPress theme contains teams, players, sports news and static equipment that can be handled easily and with minimal clicks.

These were some of the sports WordPress themes that will help you greatly to choose an attractive sports WordPress theme that will help you make money quickly.