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7 conditions for making a mobile car wash

The mobile car wash project is one of the low-cost profitable commercial projects, as it provides the costs of the monthly or annual rent for the washing site;

This is because the nature of the project requires transportation in a car equipped with the project’s special equipment, which means that there is no need for a fixed location and the payment of a monthly rent for it.

Car wash and waiting, which also means that it saves a lot of customers’ time, and achieves high profit returns, and it is worth noting that the chance of success of the project as a company is much better than the opportunity of individual work, but it is bright and viable and successful, and in this article an explanation of the conditions necessary to start a car wash project mobile.

1- Financing the project

Like all business ventures, a mobile car wash project needs enough funding to get started. This is to secure the necessary requirements such as a car and cleaning supplies, in addition to making a full study of the expected expenses and revenues from the project, and calculating the profits after covering the full expenses.

2- Obtaining a commercial license

Starting a mobile car wash business requires a license to start practicing the profession; In order to avoid fines and violations, it is worth noting that the laws and requirements for obtaining a license differ from one country to another. It is also worth noting the need to obtain commercial insurance to protect the vehicle and equipment from potential damage.

3- Marketing the service to customers

Marketing is one of the most important starting points for commercial projects, as marketing a product or service is the way to attract customers to request a service, so you must look for a way to promote the service at the lowest possible cost, and this can be done through the use of applications on smart phones, or creating a specialized website to request The service, and advertising service can also be used and promoted through social media.

4- Buying a car and equipment

The mobile car wash project requires the acquisition of a private car or the conversion of an existing car into a car that includes the equipment and tools necessary to start the project, as the car gives a good impression to customers about the service provided to them, and care must be taken that the car is able to accommodate all the necessary supplies and equipment Purchased such as a vacuum cleaner, car wash detergents, stain removers, cleaning brushes, cleaning cloths, sponges, some buckets, in addition to some fresheners, tire polish cleaners, window cleaner, some extension cords, a generator, a water pump, along with Water drain tank, pressure washer, and car dry cleaning service can be provided without the need for water.   

5- Prepare the car

The main objective of the existence of the car is to provide it with equipment for the project; In order to facilitate transportation in it, and to provide customers with service on time, the cleaning car usually provides two types of service, namely:

  • Interior cleaning

Meaning deep cleaning the car from the inside, using the vacuum cleaner to suck out dust and dirt, remove stains stuck to the car seats, and clean the windows from the inside and outside.

  • External cleaning

It includes cleaning its exterior structure, cleaning the tires, and it is worth noting that exterior cleaning does not include painting the car and repairing its structure.

6- Determine the target audience

The target parties for providing the service can be identified by counting the nearby neighborhoods, and dividing them into categories to facilitate reaching them and promoting the service to them:

  • New car owners

This category is the most important target group to provide the service to them, as they seek to keep their cars new and clean, so it is necessary to promote the service to them, describing it as the best solution to maintain the appearance of their cars in the best pictures.

  • Sports car owners

This category includes mostly middle-aged young people, who are mostly high-income earners, and always strive to keep their cars looking good.

  • luxury car owners

The requirements of this category of car owners differ from other categories, which makes them spend money in order to achieve their requirements, so it is necessary to maintain this category, and to ensure that the service is provided to them in a distinctive way.

  • car dealerships

Car dealerships, whether old or new, need to keep their cars in top condition, so they are a target group for regular service.

7- Pricing of services

The main objective of the mobile car wash project is to achieve profits at the lowest cost, so it is necessary to establish a list of the prices of the services provided to customers, with care to clarify the price difference according to the type of car and the service required, in addition to defining the methods of payment for providing services either through payment In cash, or through credit cards. It is worth noting the importance of knowing competitors' prices, and making sure to set prices for services lower than those of competitors; In order to attract customers and give an advantage to the services, other features can be added, such as making savings cards.