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Automatic publishing of your articles on all social media at once

Today we'll mention a replacement and really important feature within the world of electronic promotion because it helps you overcome many obstacles, saves tons of your time and energy, and earns you thousands of visits.

Automatic publishing of your articles in all social media at once
Automatic publishing of your articles on all social media at once

Whoever owns an outsized number of accounts on social media knows alright that publishing new articles manually on each platform takes tons of your time, and sometimes it's not published for an easy reason, which is that the lack of your time or maybe an individual might not remember that, and thus Loss of visits and views.

From this standpoint, we've decided to speak a few quite wonderful services, which can not be known to everyone, which is that the automatic publication of your articles altogether social media at an equivalent time. Yes at an equivalent time and with no intervention from you, you simply need first to regulate the settings for every account you would like and leave the remainder to the plugins for your site that works on the WordPress platform.

Autoposting software

There are many social networks, and every one of them needs its own auto-posting software, but there are services or maybe add-ons that combine all social media and permit you to publish your articles without resorting to several services.

We advise you to take care while choosing the program (or extension) which will assist you to do that, as some social media when detecting unprecedented activity will block the location, then you can't post anything.

Of course, we'll mention the simplest of them later, as there are things that you simply must know before you begin using them and that we will learn together about the secrets of this world which will increase your visits perhaps times what you get now.

Automatic posting on social media

There are good times once you should post, once you got to understand user behaviour and therefore the actions of competitors. for instance, most of the posts are published on social media between 16.00 and 20.00, but the minutes aren't paid attention to.

At an equivalent time, many other posts are published, and your post might be among them and never get noticed. If you publish your article, for instance at 16:02, the probability of not competing during this era is far above at 16:10.

It doesn't add up to schedule your posts to be published within the early morning or during the amount when the bulk of the audience is at work, or holidays and holidays, and it's better to specialize in the evening periods.

Do not publish only advertising materials or articles that invite users to shop for products, you want to have a spread of content that you simply provide, so as for the user to simply accept the advertisements that you simply will present to him later. We recommend that you simply follow the 8/2 rule, that is, 8 posts that provide the user with interest, and a couple of posts that contain ads or promote products.

Always use high-quality images in your posts, as they attract attention and increase the probabilities of clicking on the link and visiting the location. On the contrary, low-quality images have a negative impact and aren't fashionable users.

Don't forget to stay track of the posts that got the foremost engagement, as you'll use them again after a while has passed.

Pros and cons of automatic posting on social media

Automating any business process may be a good and a nasty thing at an equivalent time. Automatically publishing your site’s posts on social media can save tons of your time, but it can have a negative impact. Let’s study the pros and the way to avoid the cons, to urge the simplest possible results.

Advantages of Auto Publishing on social media

The main and first advantage of automatic publishing is to save lots of time and energy for the location owner because it can direct the time in writing new content which will benefit the readers.

There are a variety of other things that characterize automatic publishing:

  • The ability to market a site on multiple social media at an equivalent time and everyone you've got to try to do is click on the “Publish Article” button in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Get statistics to assist you to understand what quite content attracts readers, as most programs or extensions have detailed reports on the number of clicks, views, and interaction with the post from within the dashboard.
  • Integration with Google Analytics, if you are doing not have all the info provided by the extension, you'll address Google Statistics and consider all the info you would like.
  • Work through the pc. Some social media employ only by phone, for instance, the “Instagram” platform, and with the assistance of those additions, you'll affect your accounts on this platform via your personal computer and not from the phone.

Disadvantages of automatic posting on social media

Using a poor-quality auto-publishing add-on or service can cause users to lose trust in your site, and you'll lose many regular readers.

high cost. The more features an extension or service offers, the upper its price is going to be. and therefore the price of the service is often quite the site's monthly income.

technical problems. If the service stops working or a drag occurs, you'll notice that after an outsized period of your time has passed, then you'll have lost tons and none of your materials is published on social media.

Some restrictions. In cases where you would like to publish your content using video or audio files, not all add-ons support this, so you've got to settle on the extension carefully to avoid this.

Best free automated social media posting

  • Add “FS Poster”

This add-on is one among the foremost powerful additions to automatically post articles on various social networks, and it's many features, but it's paid and there's no trial version for it.

Social networks supported by the extension:

  • Facebook (accounts, pages, groups and even posting to liked pages)
  • Twitter (accounts)
  • Instagram (accounts)
  • Linkedin (Accounts, Companies)
  • Pinterest (accounts)
  • Reddit (accounts)
  • Tumblr (Accounts)
  • VKontakte (: vk (accounts, pages, groups, events)
  • Ok (accounts, groups).

Key Features of “FS Poster”

  • Easy to use, convenient, and features a modern interface.
  • The ability to publish WordPress articles, pages, media, and even products supported by the “WooCommerce” extension.
  • Supports 9 social networks for automatic posting
  • Set unlimited accounts and pages in each means of communication separately.
  • Fully support the “WooCommerce” extension.
  • Scheduling feature (You can schedule the post you would like to publish at a time and date convenient for you).
  • Publications archive.
  • Support by, TinyURL
  • Tags are often used as hashtags during auto-posting
  • Fully translatable
  • Three ways to feature Facebook accounts
  • Automatic download of Facebook groups and pages
  • LinkedIn Companies Auto Upload
  • Automatic loading of pages, groups, events for VK
  • Emoji support
  • Proxy supports
  • Video tutorials

Here is a list of auto-publishing plugins found in the official WordPress directory, you can view each of them separately, and choose the one that suits you best:
  • Microblog Poster – Auto Publish on Social Media
  • WP Telegram (Auto Post and Notifications)
  • NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster
  • Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler
  • Revive Old Posts – Auto Post to Social Media