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Best sites to sell original sunglasses

If you are looking for the best types of glasses, you can go to the original glasses sales centers in your area or surroundings, or you can buy through the sites that sell original sunglasses of the most famous international brands from your home.

List of the best sites to sell sunglasses

Best sites to sell original sunglasses
Best sites to sell original sunglasses

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a website specialized in the field of fashion and eyewear, through which you can get one pair of glasses per order.

Within two years, the company had grown to dominate the eyewear industry to become one of the best places to get classic and minimalist frames, featuring neutral colors and patterns.

You can choose five pairs to try at home for five days. If you are confused about which pairs you want to try, the site gives you a virtual workout feature, providing you with recommendations based on your face shape.

Shipping is free for US residents. Returns are free for up to 30 days.

sunglasshut site

Sunglasshut is one of the best sites for selling sunglasses in the world, especially men's, and the site provides access to the best international brands and the latest fashion.

The site offers many services, including 100% payment security, customer service and communication either through e-mail or by phone.

The site also allows you to exchange products for up to 90 days by visiting one of the company's branches or communicating with them online via e-mail.

The site also provides you with a free shipping service when you shop for products worth $ 200, and among the most famous brands offered by the site are international brands such as: Ray Ban and Mako.

glasses website

The site offers many different brands and styles of eyewear, options include sunglasses from famous designers such as Vera Wang and Derek.

The prices on the site tend to be a bit expensive due to the high-end brands available on the site, but it offers a discount of up to 70% mostly.

The site allows you to try 4 pairs for a week, or you can download the app to test thousands of frames after a simple 3D scan of your facial features.

otticanet site

A site specialized in selling original eyeglasses, whether sunglasses or prescription glasses for women, men and children.

The site provides a distinctive and varied assortment of types of eyeglasses belonging to international brands, characterized by the ease of ordering and shipping through it, as shipping takes place within 2-4 days of ordering.

It offers several payment methods, including payment via Visa , MasterCard, and PayPal.

lyst site

A website that specializes in many products related to the fashion world, such as clothes, bags, and various types of glasses, such as sunglasses, eyeglasses and eyeglasses.

It offers competitive prices for the most famous international brands.

As for shipping, the site features express shipping service at the lowest prices for many Arab countries.