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Does the charger affect the phone at night on battery life

you would possibly think that leaving the phone on the charger all night is beneficial for getting a 100% charge once you awaken within the morning.

In fact, this habit will damage the phone's battery and shorten its life at the end of the day.

We'll find out how to work out the lifespan of a phone's battery, and why you should not leave it charging overnight.

Does the phone shipping at night affect the long-term battery life
Does the phone shipping at night affect the long-term battery life

How is that the lifetime of a smartphone battery determined?

Rechargeable batteries slowly lose their capacity over time, and you'll notice a decrease in capacity after the primary year of normal use.

Spending a whole day on one charge would be impossible after two years of using the battery.

Identifies manufacturers average anticipation of smartphones through ( cycles battery charging ) Battery Charge Cycles.

The charging cycle is defined as charging the battery from 0 to 100% then discharging it again to 0%.

The number of expected charge cycles will tell you ways many full cycles the battery can handle before it starts to lose capacity significantly.

Why do rechargeable lithium-ion batteries degrade?

Smartphones and tablets use a spread of Li-Ion battery called Lithium-Ion Polymer (Li-Poly).

This version is safer, smaller and charges faster, otherwise equivalent life rules apply to Li-Poly as they might to any Li-Ion battery.

The phone battery deteriorates faster when charged regularly after the charge rate exceeds 80%.

Then let it drop below 20%, while the device works best at 50% charge.

And you'll get a full 1,000 or more cycles before reaching a clear reduction in capacity, which is roughly three years of daily use.

So why shouldn't you charge the phone at night?

  • When you attend bed, unplug the phone from the charger, and charge it once you don't use it, like working or watching TV.

  • Even if it takes an hour or an hour and a half to charge the phone, leaving it plugged in while you sleep means it'll stay connected to the charger for much longer.

  • When it's fully charged to 100% and kept plugged in, you're overusing the battery, forcing it to expend energy once you don't need it.
  • Plus the very fact that leaving the phone plugged into the charger overnight means it'll definitely charge quite the recommended 80%.
  • Prolonged charging also can cause overheating, which can naturally degrade your battery and, in some cases, cause it to explode.
  • Especially if you allow it under your pillow permanently, as this results in a scarcity of airflow and thus possible damage to the battery, and should increase the likelihood of fireside.
  • And then avoid exposing the phone, whether charging or not, to direct sunlight, or leaving it within the car on a really hot day.

How to extend smartphone battery life

Here are some simple tips to increase your smartphone battery life and obtain the foremost out of it:

  1. Use intermittent charging to stay the phone battery between 20 and 80 per cent.
  2. Reduce the quantity of time your battery stays on by 100% by not charging your phone in the dark.
  3. Keep your phone at temperature, thus avoiding high temperatures.
  4. Reduce phone battery drain by turning off unnecessary apps.