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Download seo plus template for free, the latest version and free from errors

Download the Seo Plus template for free, how to install it on the blog, and its most important features. All this and more… in this article.

The Seo Plus template is a versatile blogger template, and this template was designed to be compatible with all types of devices.
The most important feature of these titles is the fast loading of the template so that you do not need to wait for the template pages to load.

According to Google's website speed test, the download speed of the SEO Plus template reaches 91 on mobile and 98 on the computer, and this is good. You can view this test from here .

Now let's get acquainted with the features and method of downloading the SEO Plus template v7 for free:

Download seo plus template for free
Download seo plus template for free

Features of Seo Plus Template Free Version

  1. Basic Blogger Tools All Items All Items
  2. supports https
  3. javascript optimization and compression
  4. Css and HTML code optimization and compression
  5. Photo delay feature
  6. Meta and SEO codes
  7. response
  8. Internal links feature
  9. Table of Contents feature
  10. error page
  11. Left to Right LTR for foreign blogs
  12. Partial in-post ads
  13. color control
  14. Custom Pages (Contact Us - Archive)
  15. Advanced comment feature
  16. Content copy prevention feature
  17. Feature to change the shape of the top menu (1)

Free Preview and Download SEO Template Links

Here are links to preview and download the original, error-free version of the template:

Download the template:    here

Preview    the template: here

Explain how to activate the SEO Plus template

After downloading the template, you can see a detailed explanation of the template and learn how to install it and customize the meta tags in the explanation file, go to it from here .

Important Tips

There are some misleading addresses where you find a way to “download the paid SEO plus template for free”  and when I enter these sites, I find that some ask you to subscribe to their channel or something..

But let me be frank with you, there is no person who can pay for the template instead of you, even if how much money this person will need to buy the template for all the visitors who view this article.

You may tell me that he needs to buy the mold once and make it accessible to everyone, but this is not possible!

“ Because when you buy the template, you get 3 activations for three blogs (the activation is on the blog itself, not on its link, meaning that you can change the links - the blog’s domain as you wish)

You can only remove the activations from the activated blogs and replace them with another one only once per blog, i.e. 3 substitutions and 3 activations ” (3)

Therefore, I highly recommend either downloading the free copies of the template and it is sufficient and good for you, especially if you are still in your beginnings.

Or buy paid to take advantage of some of the other features if you have the ability.


From my personal experience, the best templates that you can use on Blogger are the Squeeze template and the Seo Plus template.

This is because they are fast and responsive to all devices and are free from errors that may cause you many problems later on.

For Adsense, the most important thing is the content compatible with SEO and the template needs to be free of errors only! Neither paid nor free.

If you benefited from this article, share it with your friends as well.

What is the best blogger template you have ever tried? Write us the answer in the comments.