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Guide for pubg beginners and tricks you need to know

The field of games represents one of the global wealth in our time, and one of the most important games that have been favored by gamers is PUBG.

It sold 33 million copies for PC last year. Its sales rate has exceeded 70 million sales through all means of selling games in the world, which is why many programmers are trying to simulate games that keep pace with the developments of the PUBG game.

Guide for pubg beginners and tricks you need to know
Guide for pubg beginners and tricks you need to know

Battle Royale is a battle royale game

The idea of ​​the game is an implementation of the 2000 movie Battle Royale, the game is designed so that players descend into the arena without any tools by means of parachutes over their heads. In search of gear and weapons in order to fight and reach for survival. In the end, only one of them will remain, it can creep up on you a bit, but do not worry, we will list a set of tips for you to improve your victory.

Ways and tricks for beginners in the game PUBG

Through the experience of a lot of playing, there are a set of tips that you can follow in order to obtain the inevitability of staying in the game, which are:

Focus on the goal

You may think that the main goal of these games that depend on combat, and the use of dangerous weapons in the game is to eliminate the lives of the players with you only. But this is not true, the goal is to survive. As all humans do in the real world by any means whatsoever, in this game you can camp for a period of time, but that would not be the best thing because the game depends on movement, scoring and access to survive. One of the advantages that PUBG offers you is that it does not force you to meet with other players in the same place.

Choosing the right place to fall

The players' plane randomly distributes them along the map path. Therefore, choosing the place where you will land is one of the most important basics that determine your survival in the game or your death, you must specify the time you want to get off, as for 30 seconds, or 30 minutes, there are two ways you can follow if you jump from the plane, the first is your descent to the buildings And military places that contain a lot of weapons and equipment, or you move to places far from the path of the plane, and clear them of weapons quietly without experiencing any problems at first, and in all cases, you must be careful and you may be aware of all the people with you on the plane who landed by parachute Always ready to confront them with a fight at any time.

Be smart in choosing the best weapons

At the beginning of your descent to the battlefield you need to search for weapons and equipment; To qualify you to save your life, you will find the latest weapons in the buildings, but it depends on luck, in places that may be vacant with a large number of modern weapons, and sometimes you may only get a pistol.

The weapons in Buggy without are characterized by snipers, tanks in addition to pistols and machine guns, it is better to protect yourself well, choose two different types of weapons, and you will certainly need ammunition for them, and you will often find that ammunition next to them, also you need a backpack, This is in order to secure yourself and put enough ammunition inside it, in addition to that, a jacket and a protector in order to stand up to any attack situations, and to save your life.

Ihsan choose the battle and the enemy

The biggest and most important trick in the PUBG game is to keep your life going. is to determine when to engage in combat, and with whom, since you must be fully aware of your surroundings, and if you are fired upon from great distances; You must hide, and not waste your energy in combat, as there is no point in shooting at a distance greater than 200 meters.

And the duty to warn that the enemies infer your location by hearing the gunshots. Since any long-distance gunfire determines your location, if you have surround sound speakers or use any type of speaker such as Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos, you can determine the location of the sound and how far away from the place.

Avoid going into the red zone and stay safe

Games like PUBG and Battle Royale divide their map into a safe zone. The other is red and the latter is a danger zone. It is defined as an exit from life, and the safe zone is marked only in blue on the map. Players' movement is limited to a smaller area over time, but if you fall to the wrong side of what's known as the blue barrier, your health can be drained.

If there are red areas in the map you should keep this in mind. Because it inevitably shows you the presence of artillery fire in the ground. And express the presence of danger in this place, but if you fall into a red zone, you must move quickly, and get out of it in order to stay alive. Or if that is impossible, you should look for any shelter in the facilities around you to be safe from the bombing and until it ends.

pubg control system

Each game has its own system, and if you want to succeed in this game, you must learn to adjust the strange control of BUBGY, and get used to it, and some of the controls are:

  • You can control the zip and pull it in order to build it, and shoot, you can press the right button while dragging the mouse.
  • Through the ALT button on the keyboard, the cameras are activated.
  • You can control the firing by clicking on the B button on the keyboard.
  • Activate offers by clicking the left mouse button.

Team play

It's a good idea to be a team of two or four people so you can survive and help each other out. It's a worthwhile experience, as you jump with your group once and share their ammo. You summon groups together, and it also offers you the chance to revive some after falling.

Watch your enemies

A successful player is one who learns from his enemy. Following your enemy like a hawk gives you powerful insight. It gives you a lot of experiences, where you will have many scenes that you can learn from by knowing how to get rid of the enemy from the predicament in it, and thus you have formed an idea about the ways of the enemies, in addition to the experiences that you will go through, and this is one of the best ways and tricks for beginners in the game Buggy PUBG.

How to play PUBG for beginners

In the game PUBG, the user can play with another group of players up to 100 players online, with the ability to play independently or form a team, and the user has to succeed in fighting other players on an island prepared as a battlefield, with a set of weapons, equipment, bandages and others that It helps the player to fight others and survive, within a specific time of only 30 minutes.

And the PUBG game begins with the player being on a plane, and he has to land on a specific area on the map, and the flight path changes with each round, the user has to determine the best time to jump, and at the beginning of the game the user will only be able to customize the clothes, and once landing, he has to He quickly begins to search for weapons, armor and other equipment provided by the game in different buildings and places, and in the event of killing another player, his equipment and weapons can be seized, with rewards upon completion of a round in the game depending on how long the player has been able to deliverance.

It can be said that PUBG is a strategic game, in which it can be played on different maps, with the possibility of playing solo or within multiple players, and the game depends entirely on the player's success in strategic implementation and playing according to the plan to survive in the battle.

What platforms support PUBG?

PUBG is available for Windows devices through Steam, and it is also available for Microsoft Xbox One, in addition to PlayStation 4, but the game gained its great popularity from its free availability for both Android devices and iOS devices for free.

The number of users of the game PUBG

According to the game developer, the number of users via smartphones reached 20 million daily active users by last September 2018, and more than 1 million users play the PUBG game through Windows devices via the Steam platform, and the number of downloads of the game by Android users increases. Via Google Play Store over 100 million times.

PUBG also set a record for the number of simultaneous players, or who play the game at the same time, which reached 1,342,857 players on September 17 of last year 2017, surpassing Dota 2.


How did PUBG get its popularity?

It is considered one of the most important advantages of the PUBG game that made it achieve its great popularity, the advantage of the possibility of communicating with other players in high quality, which allowed many users to communicate with their friends, in addition to making new friends by playing with players from different countries around the world, In addition to its free availability for both Android and iPhone phones.

PUBG is characterized by high-resolution graphics, in addition to the smoothness of use and the constantly updating of maps or gameplay paths and weapons, and according to the players, the developer is constantly working to fix problems in PUBG Mobile and other versions, with the ability to control the settings for the best experience of playing on the phone.

PUBG Guide download

PUBG Mobile is available for free download for Android phones and devices through the Google Play Store , and it is also available for free download for iPhone and other iOS devices through the Apple App Store , in addition to its availability through Windows computers through the Steam platform  for $ 29.9, to In addition, the PUBG game is also available for each of the Xbox One game consoles from Microsoft at a price of $ 29.9, and the game is now available for pre-booking for users of the Sony PlayStation 4 for $29.9 as well.

How to play PUBG Mobile on the computer?

PUBG is available for free only on smartphones, whether iPhone or Android, and when you need to play on a computer or a large screen, the game must be purchased for about $30, but Android users can play PUBG Mobile through the computer via:

Download the BlueStacks Android Emulator on your PC, which allows you to run Android applications on Windows devices, then search for and install the game and start playing. Get instructions for games like PUBG.

Download the MEMU Android emulator  on your computer with the Windows operating system, then log in with your Google account in the Google Play Store, then you can install PUBG Mobile, and then start playing on the computer directly.

Galaxy Note 9 users can take advantage of the Dex Mode to play the game on a larger screen, as the feature provides a multi-window Android interface like the Windows system, the user only has to connect the phone to a larger screen via an HDMI cable, and then he can open any Android application in The interface is suitable for viewing on the big screen. Users of the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus , S9, S9 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 can also benefit from the same feature, but that needs to buy a  DeX Station or Dex Pad.