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Let's first get acquainted with what is the 4K resolution used in TV screens? In short, 4k resolution is one of the modern types of display resolution used in screens, also known as “Ultra HD.”

Screens that work with this resolution are among the best screens, as their resolution is in the range of 4096 x 2160 pixels, and the more pixels in the screen this means the resolution of images Higher and clearer and vice versa, the fewer pixels, the lower the resolution of the images on the screen For example, 4K screens include about 8 million pixels, and this means much higher resolution than ever before knowing, higher resolutions are available than 4K Currently, it is known as "8K", which offers a display resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels.

Due to these characteristics and advantages that 4K resolution provides, many users have started searching for the best  4K Smart TV to get better quality when watching matches, videos and movies on such screens to become more popular.

For example, a recent report stated that about 50 percent Of the users in the world are using 4K TV screens, and this has made many companies that manufacture screens to start providing the “4K Ultra HD” feature in their screens, so that there is a very large and different category of TV screens that includes this modern technology that gives you Effortless viewing of content on your TV.

That's why we are going to review the best 4K TV screens for 2022From Samsung, Sony, LG and some other companies, if you want to buy a new smart 4K TV screen and at the same time unable to determine the best screen suitable for your need, you are here required to follow the following screens to know the advantages and disadvantages of each screen and a lot of information And other details about the specifications.

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The best types of 4K TV screens in 2022:

The best 4K TV screens
The best 4K TV screens

1. LG C1 OLED Series TV

There are many logical reasons why the "Tech Gateway" reviews team put the LG C1 OLED TV on top of the list of the best 4K TV screens in 2022, the most important of which is that LG tried to address all the errors we saw with the same model of the previous series and made a procedure An impressive set of basic hardware and screen adjustments.

The new TV now contains LG's fourth generation Alpha a9 Gen 4 processor capable of delivering high-quality surround sound.

You will also find a huge number of HDMI 2.1 ports in separate places on the back of the screen that allow you to easily connect any of the modern home gaming devices and enjoy an impeccable visual experience, you will also find the new Game Optimizer menu that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the brightness and contrast level Although there are many alternatives but the LG C1 OLED TV offers the best value for money, we have one reservation about the screen and that is due to the reflection of the TV's glass screen in bright sunlight.

LG C1 OLED Series TV
LG C1 OLED Series TV

Screen versions:

  • LG OLED48C1PUB 48-inch version.
  • LG OLED55C1PUB 55-inch version.
  • LG OLED65C1PUB 65-inch version.
  • LG OLED77C1PUB version 77 inches.

Screen features:

  • UHD 4K display resolution is more than amazing.
  • Four HDMI 2.1 ports are enough to connect any number of home gaming devices.
  • WebOS default system is more than wonderful and very smooth.

Screen disadvantages:

  • HDR10+ is not supported.
  • The reflective glass surface is bad.

TV screen price: $1,771.99.

2. Sony A90J OLED Series TV

Despite the high price of the Sony A90J OLED screen, it is worth all the money you will spend on it and Sony itself is sure of that, which is why they did not give up selling the screen at such a high cost, just like all high-end 4K screens, you will eventually get amazing picture quality from any source Input you will depend on, it is impossible to get another screen with the same level of motion control, accuracy of detail and contrast levels that this screen supports, but when it comes to sound quality specifically, the Sony A90J OLED screen will take you to a whole other world, as the screen relies on its entire surface as an audio preamplifier High-quality, powerfully effective, delivers crisp, high bass and pin-sharp detail.

Also, the distinctive Google TV interface and Sony's wonderful final touches have been added to the interface design, with the exclusive content streaming service and the remote control with great accuracy, but one very important point is that the TV screen does not provide support for VRR technology, however it supports the ability to play games 4K resolution at high refresh rates at 120Hz with very low auto latency and thus this screen is a real bargain for gamers of the new generation consoles, unfortunately only the high price.

Sony A90J OLED Series TV
Sony A90J OLED Series TV

Screen versions:

  • Sony XR55A90J- 2021 release 55 inches.
  • Sony XR65A90J- 2021 release 65 inches.
  • Sony XR83A90J-2021 release 83 inches.

Screen features:

  • An amazing new operating system.
  • Powerful sound that you can only get through external speakers.

Screen disadvantages:

  • Its price is too high.
  • It is missing some features.

TV screen price: $2,748.99 USD. 

3. LG CX OLED Series TV

This screen is one of the best 4K screens this year. The device works with a super intelligent operating system, webOS, and it works with the wonderful OLED technology, which gives you the best colors for the screen, as it is rich in contrast and bright and vibrant colors. The 48-inch device comes at a price of 1499 It works with a third-generation a9 processor, which allows you to process images amazingly.

The screen supports great video and audio technologies such as Dolby Vision and Atmos technology, but unfortunately the device does not support HDR10 +.

But apart from all this, through this screen, you can get wonderful cinematic scenes with the ability to play games on the PlayStation and Xbox Series X of the second generation, which work in 4K resolution and at a rate of 120 frames per second, and there are many great models of the CX OLED series, which will probably It will be launched soon, which will have a size of 83 inches and has a 9 Gen 4 AI processor that will support Atmos and Dolby Vision technologies.

It gives it a wonderful elegance and attractiveness, and the thinness of the screen does not affect the number of its ports, and therefore you will find all the necessary ports, the most important of which are HDMI ports and units. The screen contains four HDMI ports, all of which deal with 4K scenes and refresh rates up to 120 Hz in 10-bit HDR.

LG C1 OLED Series TV
LG C1 OLED Series TV

Screen versions:

  • LG OLED48CX 48-inch version.
  • LG OLED55CX 55-inch version.
  • LG OLED65CX 65-inch version.
  • LG OLED77CX 77-inch version.

Screen features:

  • The screen supports artificial intelligence technology.
  • The screen also supports Dolby Vision - Atmos technologies.
  • The screen with a stylish and attractive design is also very thin.

Screen disadvantages:

  • Brightness is not good.
  • The speakers are a bit weak.

The price of the TV screen: 1,396.99 US dollars.

4. Sony A8H OLED TV

This screen is one of the best Sony screens with strong and pure sound, and this is what distinguishes it most. It is also one of the best screens with cinematic display.

If you are a fan of home cinema, you should think about this screen, and the screen works with an X1 Ultimate processor in addition to the pixel contrast enhancer technology that helps The image appears better on OLED screens and the X-Motion Clarity feature for sound by linking it to the Acoustic Surface Audio system to produce sound through automatic sound calibration systems to improve the sound of the device, and thus you have a device that combines OLED image performance and a powerful sound system as it achieves you a balance Between its performance and its price, the device comes at a price of $ 2799 for the 65-inch model, and there is another model called the Sony A8H / A8 that works with the 1 X Ultimate processor designed by Sony and also the Pixel Contrast Booster and the two processors work together to produce a more dense and clear image of the pixels.

As for the design of the screen, it is very impressive, as it is amazingly thin, and it does not reduce its strength and durability and does not reduce the number of ports and outputs as well.

The screen comes with four HDMI ports and three USB ports in addition to an Ethernet port, a headphone output and a digital audio output with The possibility of connecting to a Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth as well, and all HDMI ports can support the latest HDCP 2.3 protocol systems, the screen offers 4K resolutions at 120Hz refresh rates and can be changed.


Screen versions:

  • Sony XBR-55A8H 55-inch version.
  • Sony XBR-65A8H 65-inch version.

Screen features:

  • Excellent image quality.
  • Great quality sound.
  • Extremely wide viewing angles.

Screen disadvantages:

  • The display does not support HDR10+.
  • The operating system is rather tricky.
  • Android TV is a bit disappointing.

TV screen price: $1,698.

5. Samsung Q80T QLED TV

If you are a fan of home cinema and playing games, here is this amazing screen from Samsung.

It also comes at a fairly cheap price. It is the cheapest QLED screens that works with a full array of Full Array Local Dimming backlighting, and the screen has a UHD Quantum processor, so you can get great offers 4K HDR, and what distinguishes the screen is that it works with artificial intelligence, all for a special price of $ 1799, starting from 49-inch models to 85 inches, and the screen works in HDR for great and bright colors, the screen is designed in a wonderful, amazing and exciting way to admire.

As for the screen ports, it comes with four HDMI ports, all of which have very impressive capabilities and specifications. The screen also supports updates at a rate of 120 frames per second and 4K resolution through the HDMI 4 port and the eARC port.

In entrance No. 3, you can play games in 4K resolution and at a refresh rate of 60 Hz Thus, you can play PlayStation games and Xbox Series X games.

The monitor also supports FreeSync, which is necessary to connect to personal computers that work with AMD components. The monitor also has two USB ports, an optical and digital audio output, an Ethernet port, and the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network, and the device is attached to two units or two devices. Remote control, one of which is the usual device and the other is DR.

Samsung Q80T QLED TV
Samsung Q80T QLED TV

Screen versions:

  • The QN49Q80TAFXZA version has a size of 49 inches.
  • QN50Q80TAFXZA Edition 50 inch.
  • 55 inch QN55Q80TAFXZA Edition.
  • 65 inch QN65Q80TAFXZA Edition.
  • QN75Q80TAFXZA Edition 75 inch.
  • The QN85Q80TAFXZA version has a size of 85 inches.

Screen features:

  • Full set of backlight.
  • Superb Quantum 4K image processor.
  • High brightness.

Screen disadvantages:

  • The monitor does not support Dolby Vision.

TV screen price: $1,497.99.

6. LG GX Gallery Series OLED TV

If you want to watch a high-quality picture, this wonderful device comes to you, but it comes at a rather high price, and therefore this screen is great for everyone who is able to pay this price.

In return, you will get a screen with a wonderful cinematic view, as it comes with a very flat design and the screen uses the latest capabilities Specifications, as well as technologies, including Atmos, Dolby Vision, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa technology provided by Chromecast and built-in AirPlay 2.0, and the screen works with a wonderful LG Alpha a9 Gen.3 processor, which is able to recognize the face and through which you can reduce noise with motion coprocessor technology from HD resolutions and even 4K resolutions.

The screen also contains thin and low speakers, and therefore it is not commensurate with the amazing performance. Screen models start from 55 inches and up to 77 inches.

The monitor comes with a wall mount holder that is wonderfully designed so that you have a device that is attached to the wall completely, with no space between them, only about 5 mm from the wall. As for the ports of the device, it contains four HDMI 2.1 ports that can all deal with presentations in 4K resolution and at a rate 120Hz refresh in 10-bit HDR with eARC / ARC support and also includes three USB ports, an optical audio out and an aux output, as well as an RF tuner compatible with ATSC 3.0.

LG GX Gallery Series OLED TV
LG GX Gallery Series OLED TV

Screen versions:

  • LG OLED55GX 55-inch version.
  • LG OLED65GX 65-inch version.
  • LG OLED77GX 77-inch version.

Screen features:

  • Excellent image quality.
  • Amazing upgradeability.
  • A set of great features and capabilities.

Screen disadvantages:

  • It does not have bright colors like LED-LCD screens.
  • The sound performance is not good, it requires the addition of a separate audio system.
  • The glass surface is slightly reflective.

The price of the TV screen: 1,896.99 US dollars.

7. Sony Bravia X900H Series TV

This monitor is one of the best screens with a vibrant picture, very bright, easy to use, uncomplicated, edge-lit, and its affordable models start at $ 999 for the 55-inch screen, and the screen is powered by a great processor that produces incredibly beautiful images that can meet Dolby standards For sound and picture due to its Atmos technology and Vision technology, the screen comes in 55-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch sizes. You can choose the right size for your needs. The screen supports the Apple TV app for broadcasting via Apple TV Plus and Apple TV channels.

As for the screen inputs, it contains four HDMI ports in HDCP2.3, one of them supports ARC, two USB ports, an Ethernet jack, and two satellite channels with the ability to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity via Bluetooth 4.2, and the ability to connect to Apple AirPlay as well.

It also has a headphone output and a digital optical output. The screen works in 4K resolution and at a refresh rate of 120Hz. Through the HDMI 2.1 port, you can get many of the main features of games, including the variable refresh rate, which reduces image stutter and facilitates movement within games, from By smoothly changing frame rates while playing games, games become more responsive.

Sony Bravia X900H Series TV
Sony Bravia X900H Series TV

Screen versions:

  • Sony XBR55X900H 55-inch version.
  • Sony XBR65X900H 65-inch version.
  • Sony XBR75X900H Edition 75 inch.
  • The Sony XBR85X900H Edition has a size of 85 inches.

Screen features:

  • The screen supports 4K HDR.
  • Good quality sound.

Screen disadvantages:

  • The display does not support HDR10+.
  • Viewing angles are somewhat limited.

TV screen price: 1,173 US dollars.

8. TCL 6-Series QLED TV with MiniLED (R635)

This screen is one of the best amazing screens with a limited budget, and although its price is limited, it has many great capabilities and features, starting with its brilliant and bright colors, to the ability to play games through the THX Game Mode feature, which allows you to run games with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a resolution of 1440 The screen also works with MiniLED technology, which helps to enhance the contrast in the Class 6 with the possibility of upgrading the high-resolution video. Its cost is limited because it comes with a fairly low brightness because it only has 700 lumens.

As for the screen ports, it contains an Ethernet port to connect to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, in addition to four HDMI 2.0b ports. They have a port that supports eARC. All ports enable you to play 4K or 8K displays at a refresh rate of 120 Hz and at variable rates. The 4K operates at a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a resolution of 1440 pixels works at a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The screen also has an AV port, a USB port and an optical audio output, and the screen comes with a remote control.

TCL 6-Series QLED TV with MiniLED (R635)
TCL 6-Series QLED TV with MiniLED (R635)

Screen versions:

  • TCL 55R625 55 inch version.
  • TCL 65R625 65 inch version.

Screen features:

  • The screen is backlit with MiniLED technology.
  • The screen uses QD technology to produce a monochrome picture.

Screen disadvantages:

  • Motion processing is a bit weak.
  • Screen brightness is average.

TV screen price: $699.99.

9. Hisense H8G Quantum Serie TV

Hisense H8G Quantum screen works in 4K resolution, but it comes at an affordable price, and it comes with many great features and capabilities, as it supports many applications, it is easy to use, supports Google Assistant, and you can pay only 700 USD for the 65-inch screen, you can add Easily bring applications to the screen by registering your Gmail account, checking Android settings, and adding applications directly from the store. Android TV also has a lot of great functions where you can install a web browser and visit various sites.

You can also protect your device by installing the ExpressVPN application in addition to playing Android games And the screen is able to play amazingly high-definition videos even when playing games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order The performances were very impressive and the movement was easy, smooth and realistic as well.

Hisense H8G Quantum Serie TV
Hisense H8G Quantum Serie TV

Screen versions:

  • 50 inch version.
  • 55 inch version.
  • 65 inch version.
  • 75 inch version.

Screen features:

  • Bright and colorful image quality.
  • Very favorable price.
  • The screen supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision HDR.

Screen disadvantages:

  • Screen becomes slow when running Android TV.

TV screen price: $529.99.

10. Samsung Q70T QLED TV

You can have this screen in the room where you can control the light, and therefore it is considered one of the best home cinema screens.

The screen works in 4K resolution, and therefore you can get great scenes and distinctive color performance.

The screen comes with HDMI ports to play high-quality videos and a refresh rate of 120 frames In the second, this is very wonderful, especially for gamers and lovers of playing games on large screens.

As for the screen ports, it has four HDMI ports, the third of them is eARC compatible, and the fourth deals with 4K displays with a refresh rate of 120 frames per second, and the rest of the ports work with the accuracy of the A refresh rate of 60 frames per second, and the device works with the Tizen operating system that was developed by Samsung so that the screen works smoothly and easily and can handle many wonderful applications such as Netflix, Disney Plus, YouTube, Apple TV application, and others.

Samsung Q70T QLED TV
Samsung Q70T QLED TV

Screen versions:

  • Samsung QN55Q70T 55-inch version.
  • Samsung QN65Q70T 65-inch version.

Screen features:

  • Superb picture quality.
  • Ultra Smart TV Specifications.

Screen disadvantages:

  • Viewing and viewing angles are somewhat limited.
  • The monitor does not support Dolby Vision.

TV screen price: $897.99.

11. Sony Bravia X950H Series TV

Sony has added some improvements to the X950 / X95 monitors, adding a very impressive processor that can provide excellent sound and picture performance, but it is unfortunate that there are no HDMI 2.1 ports, in addition to the fact that the monitor is installed on a somewhat shaky stand, which makes the monitor capable of No vibration and therefore you have to install it with a holder on the wall, but nevertheless the screen comes with a port that supports eARC and this is very nice.

The screen comes in different sizes, you can choose what suits you, and these sizes are 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, 49 inches and 85 inches. Ultimate The monitor comes with four HDMI 2.0 side ports with HDCP 2.3 and HDMI-CEC, one of which supports eARC for Dolby Atmos audio through, in addition to two USB ports for charging and connecting peripherals, an optical audio output, a 3.5 audio jack and an Ethernet port.

It is worth noting that Sony uses Android TV in its screen, which is considered one of the best platforms that works with super intelligence, in addition to providing it with many great improvements, and thus you can run many applications on the screen, including the Netflix application, Hulu application, and Amazon Prime Video application, but you will not get the Apple TV platform Plus with this screen unfortunately, and on the other hand, the screen provides the Google Assistant feature to easily access the Google Play Store in addition to the built-in Chromecast, and the screen also supports Apple Airplay 2, which is very great for all iOS users who want to get an alternative to Apple TV smarter and faster and ease of use.

As for the performance of the screen, it is able to improve the natural appearance with great and amazing color accuracy. The user can turn on the HDR Remaster mode to get a clearer brightness for HD / SDR content by adjusting the settings to the maximum. The screen uses the Sony X1 Ultimate processor developed by Sony in addition to Light sensor to increase the brightness of the screen in the event that sunlight is shed on it or bright lights are shed on it.

Sony Bravia X950H Series TV
Sony Bravia X950H Series TV

Screen versions:

  • Sony X950H 49 Inch Edition has a size of 49 inches.
  • Sony X950H 55 Inch Edition has a size of 55 inches.
  • The Sony X950H 65 Inch Edition has a size of 65 inches.
  • The Sony X950H 75 Inch Edition has a size of 75 inches.
  • The Sony X950H 85 Inch Edition has a size of 85 inches.

Screen features:

  • Great sound improvements.
  • Easy to use screen.

Screen disadvantages:

  • The display does not support HDR10+.
  • The monitor holder is not the best and the monitor must be fixed to the wall.

TV screen price: 998 US dollars.

12. Vizio P-Series Quantum X TV

The third TV with us today is the "Vizio P-Series", which comes with 4K technology support and is considered one of the best TVs belonging to the company "Vizio", as it supports the AirPlay 2 feature that helps you stream content from video and images from Apple TV devices! Yes, in a nutshell, you can now stream video and share photos from iPhone to the TV thanks to this “AirPlay 2” feature, and the screen supports the HomeKit feature, which is supposed to give you the ability to turn the screen on and off and control a lot of it via voice commands.

Vizio P-Series Quantum X TV
Vizio P-Series Quantum X TV

Features :

  • TV featuring a full set of wallpapers
  • AirPlay 2 technology support
  • HomeKit support
  • HDR10 support
  • Dolby Vision and HLG support

Disadvantages :

  • Unfortunately, the sound on the TV is low
  • SmartCast interface support is not as efficient as it should be

TV screen price: 1,373 US dollars.

To sum up, if you are looking for a smart TV at an affordable price, then the Vizio P-Series Quantum X TV is the right choice for you, as it can be obtained at a price of about 2199 US dollars, this price may be expensive for many users, but this TV It is almost the cheapest device with us in this article.