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When looking to have the best types of TV screens in your home to buy, you must have large screens that give you better viewing of movies and videos, and playing games on large screens makes you enjoy your favorite games in a better way than small screens.

Therefore, many users have recently started Focusing on the purchase of smart large screens currently known as smart, where they can work as a TV and also can run a computer on them and do your tasks and projects on the big screen TV.

But, are all times a good time to buy big screen TVs? What are the best TV screens for 2022 ? Certainly not all times are suitable for buying a TV screen.

For example, January is not ideal for buying a new screen because there are not many new screens that can be used, but March and April are ideal months to buy new screens because there is a large category of new screens that can be obtained to meet Your needs, as we compiled a list of the 12 best new TV screens and their prices that offer great performance at a really good price with a range of high-end options such as Samsung QLED TVs and LG OLEDs TVs, continue to find out the specifications and price of each screen and the most important advantages and disadvantages before the purchase .

The best types of TV screens and their prices:

The best TV screens of 2022
The best TV screens of 2022

1. Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV

In a nutshell, it is the best in its class: Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K Screen takes a new title in the world of 8K screen technology, you can say that Samsung has done well and has mastered everything in this screen in order to provide a viewing experience on 8K screens that no competing screen has reached It's sporty and compact in size to fit any living room or home playroom. The screen delivers high picture quality with vibrant colors, true depth of dark, extremely high brightness and excellent sound, all in a stylish, high-quality body and design.

And just in case you didn't know, Samsung relies on Quantum LEDs that are 1/40 the thickness of conventional LEDs. This allows Samsung to perfectly group thousands of miniature LEDs together to deliver true-to-life blacks and darkening levels. More accurate. In the end, you will find yourself getting exceptional levels of precision. If you are a gamer, you are lucky. Besides the HDMI 2.1 ports, you will also find support for 4K gaming at 120 frames per second or 8K at 60 frames per second.

Screen versions:

  • Samsung QN65QN900AFXZA 65-inch version.
  • The Samsung QN75QN900AFXZA version has a size of 75 inches.
  • Samsung QN85QN900AFXZA version of 85 inches.

Screen features:

  • Amazing picture quality.
  • HDR standard.

Screen disadvantages:

  • Does not provide support for Dolby Vision.
  • Up to this point you don't find much 8K content.

TV screen price: $3,249.99.

2. LG G1 Gallery Series OLED TV

Just a very important point we would like to make you aware of: the LG G1 Gallery Series OLED TV is designed to be wall-mounted only which means it does not come with any brackets however you can buy a stand at your own expense if you want to mount it on a table, desk or something else Other than that, it is a pioneering TV in every sense of the word, and it offers a real upgrade to the category of screens of this series in terms of picture quality, detail accuracy and colors, the screen comes with the use of LG’s modern OLED evo technology, which will preserve the lifespan of the LED points The light inside the screen and the protection of the screen from the problem of normalization or burning that most OLED screens suffer from, at least this is what LG confirms.

The screen is based on the flagship a9 Gen 4 AI processor that relies on artificial intelligence techniques to process images of on-screen objects, and specifically tries to process the movement of fast objects on the screen. The screen provides very high brightness levels without negatively affecting the light areas or parts. From the pictures, if you are looking for a stylish and sophisticated 55-inch or 65-inch screen that supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision and offers great value for the price, then we definitely recommend you to consider the LG G1 TV, which has proven its worth and outperforms previous versions in the series such as CX and GX.

Screen versions:

  • LG OLED55G1PUA 55-inch version.
  • LG OLED65G1PUA 65-inch version.
  • LG OLED77G1PUA 77-inch version.

Screen features:

  • Amazing contrast ratio.
  • Ultra-thin, undoubtedly elegant design.

Screen disadvantages:

  • It does not come with any brackets to mount it on a table.
  • The sound system is a bit bad, especially when you hear the high bass.

TV screen price: $2,371.99.

3. LG CX Series OLED TV

This screen is one of the best OLED screens from the LG CX series, and this screen has outperformed the screens that were released last year from the LG C9 series, although it has the same great picture quality and can also work with the distinguished webOS platform. The company has added some updates in The new series, including the addition of an HDMI 2.1 port and a9 Gen 3 processor, made this screen superior to previous versions of last year's series.

It is worth noting that this screen comes in different sizes that you can choose from what suits you, and these sizes are 48 inches – 55 inches – 65 inches – 77 inches. Atmos, Dolby Vision, built-in audio, and there is a great feature for people who want to play video games, which is Nvidia G-Sync for compatibility with the way and style of playing the 4K technology at a rate of 120 Hz, but it is unfortunate that this screen does not support HDR10 +.

Screen versions:

  • LG OLED48CX 48-inch version.
  • LG OLED55CX 55-inch version.
  • LG OLED65CX 65-inch version.
  • LG OLED77CX 77-inch version.

Screen features:

  • Excellent image quality.
  • Screen with a very elegant and slim design.

Screen disadvantages:

  • The screen does not support HDR10+.
  • It emits unpleasant garbled and ambiguous sounds.

The price of the TV screen: 1,496.99 US dollars.

4. Samsung Q950TS QLED TV

This screen is considered one of the best Samsung screens that works with 8K resolution and also offers a wonderful and unprecedented performance, and this wonderful screen has a lot of features and advantages, including all and all the advantages of the Samsung Q900 8K screen, which was launched last year in addition to other modern features that were added by the company Samsung, including the design of this TV’s first-class QLED screen, which can process images in a wonderful way through artificial intelligence technology, which results in a highly improved picture with high quality, and you can get wider viewing angles than before through this screen in addition to the HDR performance Standard because it is a very smart TV that has all the specifications of Ultra Smart TV and future TV.

Therefore, it is the latest Samsung TV at all, although it comes at a very high price, but it has a lot of great capabilities and provides you with high-quality and original content. As for the design of the device, it comes with a frame of about 2 mm thick, which does not affect the view of the content at all. In the case of I sat to watch from a reasonable distance. You will not notice the frame at all. As for the structure of the device, it is 15 mm deep. As for the TV ports, it contains four HDMI ports, three USB ports and an Ethernet jack, in addition to optical and digital outputs.

Screen versions:

  • The Samsung QN85Q950TS version has a size of 85 inches.
  • The Samsung QN75Q950TS version has a size of 75 inches.

Screen features:

  • Excellent and great picture quality.
  • Stylish and stunning screen design.
  • Supports HDR.

Screen disadvantages:

  • The monitor does not support Dolby Vision.
  • Expensive .

The price of the TV screen: 9,997.99 US dollars.

5. Sony A8H OLED TV

If you are a fan of home cinema screens, here is this screen, as the A8H OLED screen is one of the best Sony screens for this year, as it combines excellent performance for high-resolution image quality and great sound, strong and pure as well. It is worth noting that this screen has a 1 x Ultimate processor, which It was designed by Sony, and the screen also contains a Pixel Contrast Booster, which enables you to get a more intense and wonderful picture. As for the sound, the company has equipped the screen with X-Motion Clarity to get stronger and clearer sound with the help of the Acoustic Surface Audio system developed by Sony. In its devices to get two-way audio in addition to the possibility of improving the sound by the user through some simple and quick settings.

On the other hand, the TV comes at an affordable price, as the 65-inch screen comes at a price of 2799 US dollars, and as for the ports of the device, it contains four HDMI ports, three USB ports, an Ethernet port, a headphone output, an audio output, and a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. The most characteristic of this screen is the HDCP 2.3 feature needed to combat hacking and piracy, in addition to the feature of switching from TV mode to automatic game play mode. It also supports Dolby Atmos, and the screen works in 4K resolution and at a frame rate of 120 HZ, and the screen accepts playing PlayStation 5 games and the possibility of compatibility with 65A8 remote control.

Screen versions:

  • Sony XBR-55A8H 55-inch version.
  • The Sony XBR-65A8H is a 65-inch version.

Screen features:

  • Superb picture quality.
  • Good and pure sound.
  • Very wide and wonderful viewing angles.

Screen disadvantages:

  • The screen does not support HDR10+.
  • It is running a rather difficult operating system.
  • Android TV is a bit disappointing.

The price of the TV screen: 1,898 US dollars.

6. Samsung Q80T QLED TV

This screen is considered one of the best screens through which you can play video games and also watch content in a wonderful cinematic way. This device relies on the wonderful HDR technology that enables you to get a bright and vibrant picture. You can also play easily and with unprecedented speed of response. The screen also works with QLED technology, which enables you This TV comes at a very affordable price, and the device comes with a thick body when compared to other QLEDs, and it is worth noting that this device works with a Quantum 4K processor, which was designed by Before Samsung, you can also get bright, vivid colors and ultra-smart TV features.

The device works with the Tizen operating system, and as for the device ports, it has four HDMI ports that enable you to obtain advanced and various specifications. The screen also supports displaying content at a resolution of 120 frames per second, and one of these entrances is an HDMI 4 input that can handle games in 4K resolution And at a frame rate of 60 Hz, including PlayStation 5 games and Xbox Series X games, the screen also has two USB ports, an optical and digital audio output, and an Ethernet port, which enables you to connect to a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network, and also supports the FreeSync feature for computers running AMD processors or components. The TV comes with two remote controls, one of which is normal and the other is a type DR, and you can run a lot of applications on the screen and display them on the large size Q80T model.

Screen features:

  • Full set of backlight.
  • Excellent Quantum 4K Image Processor.
  • Superb and high brightness.

Screen disadvantages:

  • The monitor does not support Dolby Vision.
  • Not the best QLED TV.

The price of the TV screen: 1,497.99 US dollars.

7. Sony Bravia X900H Series TV

This screen is one of the best screens that enables you to get great performance and bright and vibrant picture quality with high resolution and high quality with the possibility of upgrading also from Sony, and it is easy to use and uncomplicated, and the TV comes with a VA LCD screen and the screen supports Android technology TV and HDM1 2.1 port, compared to the fact that it comes at a very reasonable price, starting from $999 for a 55-inch screen, and you can choose the screen size that suits your needs, as there is a 75-inch screen and an 85-inch screen, and it is natural that the Sony screen supports video games that work on the latest Playstation 5 devices and can also support the Apple TV application to broadcast via Apple TV Plus and play Apple TV channels. The weight of the TV is about 33 kg.

As for the screen ports, it has four HDMI ports in HDCP2.3, one of them supports ARC, in addition to two USB ports and an Ethernet jack to support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Apple AirPlay and Chromecast. It also has a headphone output, optical and digital output, and on the other hand, the HDMI input 2.1 offers you many great advantages for video games, including a variable refresh rate, which reduces image noise and facilitates movement while playing games.

Screen versions:

  • Sony XBR55X900H 55-inch version.
  • The Sony XBR65X900H is a 65-inch version.
  • The Sony XBR75X900H is a 75-inch version.
  • The Sony XBR85X900H is an 85-inch version.

Screen features:

  • The screen supports 4K HDR perfectly.
  • Amazingly powerful and pure sound.

Screen disadvantages:

  • The screen does not support HDR10+.
  • Limited viewing angles.

TV screen price: 998 US dollars.

8. LG GX Gallery Series OLED TV

If you are a fan of home cinema, then you have this wonderful and distinctive screen from LG, but it may be somewhat expensive, and therefore if you are able to afford this screen, it is very wonderful and worth a try, and this screen works with wonderful and modern specifications and standards, including Dolby Vision and Atmos feature as well as Google Assistant - Chromecast built-in to AirPlay 2.0 - Amazon Alexa, and the screen works with a new LG Alpha a9 Gen.3 processor designed by the same company, through which you can recognize the face and also reduce noise, and the screen works in HD resolution and 4K technology, in addition to the ability to process motion.

The screen also contains built-in speakers, and it comes with a beautiful and elegant flat screen. As for the ports of the device, it contains four HDMI 2.1 inputs, and these ports can handle 4K technology and frequencies up to 120 Hz at 10-bit HDR and can support eARC / ARC, In addition to three USB ports needed to operate other devices, disk drives and flash drives, the screen also has an optical audio output, and the screen comes with a holder to mount it on the wall in a wonderful way. You will find all the screen inputs on the back of it. The screen also has a wonderful microphone and the Hi LG feature, which you Set it to wake up through the settings. The screen also works with the webOS system designed by LG.

Screen versions:

  • LG OLED55GX 55-inch version.
  • LG OLED65GX 65-inch version.
  • LG OLED77GX 77-inch version.

Screen features:

  • Excellent image quality.
  • Screen upgrade capability.
  • A set of amazing features and properties.

Screen disadvantages:

  • The screen is not as bright as LED-LCD screens.
  • The sound performance is unbalanced.
  • The glass surface is slightly reflective.

The price of the TV screen: 1,996.99 US dollars.

9. TCL 6-Series QLED TV (R625)

The TCL 55R625 model has the same screen size of 55 inches, while the second model TCL 55R625 has a size of 65 inches, the screen supports HDR technology, and unlike most other screens, the screen supports Dolby Vision technology. In addition, the screen provides a Quantum Dot filter, which makes colors more vibrant and contrast, It also supports the new AIPQ engine that converts HD video with better resolution to 4K resolution. He is looking for a screen at an affordable price, in addition to that, the screen suffers from another problem, which is poor sound. In short, this screen is one of the screens with limited features compared to other screens, but what distinguishes it is its great performance thanks to 4K HDR support and AV formats support as well.

Screen versions:

  • 55 inch version.
  • 65 inch version.

Screen features:

  • TV features a full set of wallpapers.
  • AirPlay 2 technology support.
  • HomeKit support.
  • HDR10 support.
  • Dolby Vision and HLG support.

Screen disadvantages:

  • Unfortunately, the sound is low on the TV.
  • SmartCast interface support is not as efficient as it should be.

TV screen price  : starts from 550 US dollars.

10. Hisense H8G Quantum Series TV

If you want to get a great screen that works with 4K resolution and do not have a big budget, here is this excellent screen that works with 4K resolution for a rather low price. You can get this screen for $ 700 with a size of 65 inches, and through this screen you can run applications It is easily obtained because the screen supports Google Assistant, and the screen gives you a great performance when watching content and high-resolution videos with great quality despite the low brightness of the screen when compared to QLED screens. Fairly good and the monitor comes in at 43 lbs.

As for the design of the screen, it comes in black and has two feet to stand on, but it is not fixed well, as if it receives any random blow, it may flip and fall to the ground, and therefore the user must put the feet holder close to each other in the case of placing it on the table short, as It's easy to use and comes with a four-button remote control for YouTube, Google Play, Netflix, and Vudu.

Screen versions:

  • 50 inch version.
  • 55 inch version.
  • 65 inch version.
  • 75 inch version.

Screen features:

  • Bright and colorful image quality.
  • Very reasonable price.
  • The screen supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision HDR.

Screen disadvantages:

  • Screen becomes slow when running Android TV.

TV screen price: $529.99.

11. Samsung Q70T QLED TV

This amazing screen from Samsung has many amazing specifications that you will only find in 4K QLED devices and screens that come at very high prices, but this screen offers you all these features at low prices, but there is only one flaw in this screen, which made its price Low, and this drawback is that it is only edge-lit and does not produce the contrast that appears in other versions of Samsung’s fully lit screens, especially in cinema-like places, but despite that it can give you a wonderful view, with accurate details and amazing colors, as it is great when playing second-generation games It offers good displays, and the screen has an HDMI port, which enables you to get a 4K display at a frame rate of 120 frames per second, and here you can make the most of your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X console via this screen by enabling HDMI units precisely 4K at 60 frames per second.

The screen also comes with a very thin frame that surrounds it on three sides, and therefore it is considered the cheapest screen that offers you games in 4K resolution, in addition to a high frame rate. Here you can dispense with buying video game devices dedicated to this, such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The screen also contains a A USB port, in addition to an Ethernet port to connect to a Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth, and a digital and optical audio output. The screen also comes with two remote controls, one of which is large in size and the other is simple and small in size. The TV also works with the smart Tizen system designed by Samsung.

Screen versions:

  • Samsung QN55Q70T 55-inch version.
  • Samsung QN65Q70T 65-inch version.

Screen features:

  • Superb picture quality.
  • Ultra smart TV specifications.

Screen disadvantages:

  • Viewing and viewing angles are somewhat limited.
  • The monitor does not support Dolby Vision.

The price of the TV screen: 897.99 US dollars.

12. Vizio P-Series Quantum X TV

This screen is one of the smartest screens of the Vizio company and is available in a size of 65 inches, the screen comes with a "SmartCast" interface, and the screen is equipped with great features and is supported by excellent image quality! Yes, if you want a screen with the best picture quality, then the Vizio P-Series Quantum X monitor is the perfect choice for you. In addition, the Quantum X monitor PX-65G1 is available at a price of $2,199 and is clearly an excellent choice for those who want a screen at an affordable price. In terms of design, the screen comes with a good design with great and distinctive brightness, but, almost the only flaw in the screen is the sound! Yes, the screen sound is a bit dull, but this does not reduce the screen due to the other smart features that it provides.

Features :

  • Support a wide range of backgrounds.
  • HDR10 support.
  • HLG support.

Disadvantages :

  • SmartCast interface that does not provide the required performance.
  • Slow startup and lock screen.

TV screen price  : starts from 1380 US dollars.

Thus, we finish displaying the 12 best TV screens available in the market during 2022 according to the characteristics and advantages possessed by each screen with different prices to suit all users.