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What is a spam score, causes and how to treat it?

What is a Spam Score? 

Spam Score is developed by Moz, an SEO data and software company for measuring website quality . It's based on Moz's machine learning model, which identified 27 features common to millions of banned or sanctioned sites in their data.

Simply put, spam score enables Google to blacklist your website by:

  • Sub-domain analysis.
  • fake websites.
  • Backlinks received by your website.

What is a spam score
What is a spam score

The result is given as a percentage, which represents the percentage of sites with similar features to the site you are searching for that Google penalizes or blocks.

The Spam Score can be categorized as:

  • 1% to 30% act as low points.
  • 31% to 60% is medium grade.
  • 61% to 100% high grade.

Reasons that increase the rate of spam score 

  • MozTrust or MozRank Low Score: This means that the site has a fraudulent-looking backlink profile, which lacks referral links from sources deemed trustworthy, reliable or relevant to the site's niche. 
  • Large site with few links: If a website has relatively few links pointing to it when compared to its overall size, this can be interpreted as an indication that the site is a provider of low-quality content, information, or products. 
  • Low site link diversity: It is true that it is necessary to have a good amount of links pointing back to your site, but you should also make sure that there is a good diversity of the mentioned link sources. This is because things like the total number of different referral domains in a backlink profile play a big role in how search engines determine which pages rank for organic search terms.
  • Percentage of Followed and No-followed Links: There are two main types of referral links:

  1. Followed (those that pass link ownership rights, and directly affect the organic search rankings).
  2. No-Follow A normal and healthy back cookie should contain a mixture of both.

SEO industry experts differ . Some say 50/50 (or as close to 50/50 as possible) is ideal, while others think that following more than 70% of your referral links is a normal and natural goal.

  • Small percentage of branded links: Most search engines (especially Google) are known to lower the rankings of pages containing what is considered an abnormal size of referral links, which contain a particular keyword or phrase. While search engine optimization (SEO) experts do not agree on what constitutes an acceptable maximum keyword ratio for anchor text. The prevailing consensus seems to be that they fall somewhere between (1%) and (10%). However, branded text, (i.e. variations of your brand name), is an exception to this rule, so you can get a high percentage of body text.

There are other reasons:

  • Poor content.
  • Heavy text page.
  • No contact information.
  • The site's markup is abnormally small.
  • The domain name contains numbers.
  • A few internal links.
  • The length of the domain name.
  • The presence of external links in the (Navigation).

Free Moz Spam Score checker

Spam score signals can be checked using different Moz tools. To check spam score you can measure it from Link Explorer under the SPAM Score rating

You will see a chart with all the incoming links for the site to be searched, sorted in descending order of spam score. You can export to CSV, or click on the link provided to do some investigation.

There are several ways you can check this signal in Moz Pro. 

  1. By setting up a Moz Pro campaign you will be able to see how many pages the campaign crawler, Roger bot, can access and crawl. Once the crawl is complete, you can check how many pages were discovered and crawled within the site crawl section of the campaign. 
  2. Another useful tool is the Top Pages section of Link Explorer. Within this view, you can query the root domain to see which pages the index crawler, dotbot, encountered while crawling.

Spam score 

The Spam Score can be categorized as:

  1. 1% to 30% are low points .
  2. 31% to 60% average, here you should investigate the possible reasons for a high spam score and see if it makes sense to make changes to your site based on your overall SEO strategy , and check the quality and relevance of your site.
  3. 61% to 100% is a high score , here depending on Google's policy:
  4. Lower the ranking (ranking) of your site.
  5. and eliminate it from indexing.
  6. And don't crawl into it.
  7. and misrepresentation of the associated content.

What are the factors for evaluating the offending link? 

  • The links used are from unreliable, or irrelevant sites. 
  • Google does not reveal how it rates the quality of backlinks, but certainly these metrics Domain Rank, Domain Authority, and Page Authority are factors to measure link quality or link abuse.
  • They link to sites in many different fields.
  • Their association with sin-related websites (gambling, porn, e-cigarette, etc.)

How to reduce spam score Moz

  1. Of course, each site has its own unique problems and challenges . Usually, a lot of planning and hard work is required to bring the grade of the site down to acceptable levels.
  2. Can lead to get links from sites reliable Web and relevant to compensate for the main reason that raises a result of spam sqaure your site.
  3. In fact, you should determine which of the "cause" signals that SpamScore measures are the concern, and work to fix your website and/or back-cookie accordingly. Methods of treating spam:
  4. Poor page copy: here you have to correct this “tag” of writing descriptive and attractive page copy on the pages that have been flagged. However, rearranging the percentage of followed and unfollowed links in your website's backlink profile can end up being a huge undertaking that can take several months to complete, depending on the size of your backlink profile and level of experience.
  5. Disavow weak backlinks.
  6. Remove links that are not related to the site.


It's no secret that SEO, link building, and content marketing is a way to improve your user experience.

If you want Google to reward you and put your website at the top of search results, your target audience should benefit from your content, keywords, and links. The more good links pointing to your web pages, the less spam your site will score and the better and more reliable Google will perceive your web pages.