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best 9 alternative WhatsApp apps for 2022

After WhatsApp intends to change the privacy policy and share user data with other Facebook applications, Facebook, and Instagram has received a lot of criticism worldwide, especially from prominent influential figures in the world such as Elon Musk, who invited many of his followers to use Other alternative applications for WhatsApp, and not only that, as it called on many of the technology giants in the world to leave the application of WhatsApp and use other applications that preserve the privacy of users, so here are 9 alternative applications for WhatsApp that preserve the privacy of users that you can use during 2022.

best 9 alternative WhatsApp apps for 2021
best 9 alternative WhatsApp apps for 2021

What is the reason for the users' trend of alternative applications to WhatsApp during 2021?

The new privacy policy that WhatsApp will implement during February or March 2021 has caused many users to leave WhatsApp and replace it with other safer applications, and although many feel satisfied with its unlimited features, such as the ability to run WhatsApp on the computer, and others, however, Other groups see the reason why the new privacy policy for WhatsApp, which will be submitted to several changes, gives them greater priority in searching for an alternative to it, as follows:

  • The WhatsApp application will collect a lot of data about the person using the application, it can collect a copy of his contacts, and collect information about the names of other users who contacted them during the day and their names as well, and then automatically share it with other Facebook applications.
  • WhatsApp user data will be the property of Facebook and the company has the right to dispose of it however it wants, sell it to third parties or disclose it to governments if requested for security purposes.

  • Hackers and cybercriminals obtain user data through Facebook's servers if they discover security holes and penetrate these servers, which exposes users to blackmail and theft in exchange for deleting their data that are in the possession of these hackers and cybercriminals.

  • Forcing WhatsApp users to accept the new privacy policy in exchange for continuing to use the application, and if they refuse to do so, you will permanently cancel their WhatsApp accounts and delete them from the company's servers.

Best alternative WhatsApp apps for 2021

  • Signal

The Signal application got very famous after Elon Musk's tweet, which was only two words, use signal, which contributed to the rise in the application's shares and popularity to a very large degree and in a very record period, because the Signal application offers many features that make it the best alternative to the WhatsApp application. As follows:

  1. The application is completely free, and it uses strong encryption technology for messages and conversations between users called end-to-end technology, meaning that conversations and calls are completely encrypted and the company cannot view and record them at all, and also cannot be spied on and hacked by other users of the application.
  2. The signal does not contain any ads whatsoever, as it is a non-profit organization that operates through donations and grants made to it from all parts of the world.
  3. Signal enables you to send all files in all its different formats, including video files to other users within the application, in addition to talking with others and calling them in the form of voice or video calls or writing messages to them in the form of in-app conversations as easily as WhatsApp, as it is possible. Sending stickers that are encrypted inside the application after importing them from the phone or from other applications since they are not by default inside the Signal application.
  4. It contains the group chat feature, which is not available in the WhatsApp application yet.

  • Three app

This application is one of the good alternatives to the WhatsApp application, but it is a paid service and not free, and its price varies according to the application store that provides it, it is available in the Apple App Store for 3.49 euros, and in the Google Play Store for Android phones for 2.99 euros, and in the Microsoft Store for applications for 1.99 Euros, which are paid for one time only as a license to use the application.


Among the features that three provides to users include:

  1. Strong encryption of user data while using the application, and user chat logs are never saved on the company's servers, and all data, including contacts, is saved on the users' phones themselves and not within the application.
  2. Threema can share all the data you want with other users of the application, including photos, video files, voice messages that are created within the application, contacts, and all kinds of data that comes to your mind with other users of the application.
  3. Polls can be created inside the three apps and shared with any user within the app to participate in them.
  4. The application does not require linking the user's phone number to function well, but can only register with the user's ID or e-mail and share this ID with others to maintain the privacy of the phone number.
  5. Syncing files between the application on the phone and the computer is very easy and fast.
  6. Photos and videos can be captured and shared with others within the app.
  7. The application provides the ability to take a full backup copy of the data, upload it via Google Drive, and keep it from being lost.

  • Telegram app

Telegram application has gained very great fame in recent years, as it has exceeded the threshold of 200 million active users around the world at the present time, and Telegram contains many features that made it very wonderful for personal use and a real and effective alternative to the WhatsApp application through many features that came as follows :

  1. The Telegram application fully encrypts all conversations between users, and the company never collects user data, and the Telegram application does not contain any kind of advertisements.
  2. It contains the channels feature and archives all posts and conversations within the channel, making the newly joined users of the channel see all the posts published within the channel with ease, unlike the WhatsApp application that does not provide this feature at all.
  3. Users can upload their personal files in an unlimited size, store and keep them forever on the servers of the Telegram application without being blocked and delete files, unlike WhatsApp, which keeps users' files on their personal phones and not on the application servers.
  4. The Telegram application provides the ability to change the current phone number associated with the account to a new phone number easily through the account settings, and it also allows creating more than one account with different phone numbers within the application and using them and moving between them at the same time with ease and with the click of a button.
  5. You can set multiple personal photos of your profile on Telegram and not a single picture like WhatsApp.
  6. The secret chat feature allows the conversation between users to be completely encrypted and not to record a copy of it at all on Telegram servers. It remains only saved on users' devices and when deleted from one of the devices, it is completely deleted from the Telegram application.
  7. The theme can be completely customized in Telegram as desired by the user himself.
  8. You can take advantage of the robots feature provided by the Telegram application in programming it to do many useful things, but this feature requires prior experience on how to use it well.
  9. It contains a feature to mute contacts or groups whose notifications cause great inconvenience to the user with ease.
  10. The physical location in which the user is present can be shared with other Telegram users for a period ranging from 15 minutes to a full 8 hours.
  11. The Telegram application provides the ability to connect to a virtual private network to change the IP of the country to another completely different country to bypass the ban of the Telegram application in the countries that are prohibited from using the application.
  12.  Through Telegram, many chat tools provided by the application can be used to make performing any task that comes to the user's mind very easy and takes place within a few seconds.
  13. Telegram provides many options to control the privacy and security of user accounts to make the process of using Telegram more secure and private for users.

  • Whatsapp Gold WhatsApp Gold application

The application of Watts's father golden or WhatsApp gold is famous among users as one of the most modified applications and alternative application of Watts's father's official use all in all over the world and features many advantages, namely:

  1. The backup copy of the users' conversations and messages can be restored without losing any of them, so the last conversations that the user made will be restored in case he deletes the application and reinstalled it again on his smartphone.
  2. It is possible through the WhatsApp Gold application to make the status offline and thus it appears to all users that you are not connected through the WhatsApp Gold application only, with the ability to use the rest of the social networking applications in the normal state with ease, and this feature is not available in the official WhatsApp application.
  3. The application does not consume much space on the phone compared to the official WhatsApp application, as it does not store video files, pictures and various media on the phone.
  4. The application maintains privacy and security by setting special passwords for some conversations that describe confidentiality, as well as hiding the message reading mark that appears on the phone screen of other users of the application, as well as hiding the word writing a message or recording an audio clip when performing both operations through the application.
  5. It fully supports the Arabic language, in addition to other foreign languages.
  6. It does not contain any kind of ads whatsoever, and the auto-reply feature can be used without the need to be connected to the Internet.
  7. It contains a secret chat feature that no party can eavesdrop on and track, even from the WhatsApp company itself.
  8. Maintaining the quality of the images completely when sending them to the other party using the application, unlike the official WhatsApp, which compresses the images to make the process of sending them faster within the application to the other party, which loses a large part of its quality.

  • Wire app

It is a completely open-source application in terms of its software code, which any programmer in the world can freely modify, and the application supports all operating systems such as Windows for computers, in addition to the Mac system for computers as well, and also supports Android system and ios system for smartphones, There are two versions of it, the first is the Pro version and the second is the Enterprise version, and this application is considered one of the paid applications at a very nominal price, and the price of the Pro plan is $ 5.83 per month, and the price of the Enterprise plan is $ 9.5 per month.

Among the features that came with the application of wire are the following:

  1. A new account can be registered using e-mail, and registering with a phone number is optional and not compulsory, like other applications such as WhatsApp, to use the application and take advantage of its full features.
  2. Group messages can be sent using the application by adding an infinite number of friends within a group and sending messages that appear to everyone at once within this group.
  3. Send emojis and voice notes to others while chatting with the wire app with ease.
  4. Messages that were sent to others can be easily deleted as if they were not sent permanently, just like the feature available in the WhatsApp application.
  5. The application provides completely secure conversations with the other party and can never be tracked by third parties trying to spy on the content of the chats.

  • Bip app

The bip application offers you a very wonderful and free user experience for voice calls, chatting and communicating with others, it contains many wonderful features that make its use very enjoyable and wonderful, and these features include the following:

  1. The application provides an instant translation of texts in all languages of the world, it supports translation in 106 different languages.
  2. Make voice and video calls, with the ability to make conference calls of up to 10 people per call.
  3. All calls made through the application are completely free, whether they are voice calls or video calls.
  4. The application allows sharing photos and videos in their original high quality and does not compress their size like WhatsApp.
  5. The application allows organizing meetings in very high quality, and also allows the follow-me feature, so that anyone can follow and the other one also follows you to see all the developments that happen with you in real-time.


  • Viber app

It is one of the most powerful messaging and chatting applications in the world, which is characterized by a very high purity of voice and free from interruption.

  1. Calls, media, messages, and conversations are completely encrypted and untraceable by the company and users of the Viber app.
  2. The Viber application allows creating groups of up to 250 people in one group, and collectively sending and receiving messages within these groups.
  3. With the Viber application, conference calls can be established with a maximum of 20 people at the same time.
  4. Viber supports sending and receiving images in all its formats, in addition to its support for sending and receiving posters with ease.
  5. International calls can be made at low rates and with very high quality even with people who do not have a Viber account.
  6. The Viber app provides complete communities in which people can communicate with each other, like and comment on posts as well.
  7. The Viber app includes a feature to play games from within the app.

  • Riot. I'm app

 An application of fully open source applications that programmers can modify and use as they like, and it is one of the applications that contains many wonderful features that make it one of the applications worthy of experience, and these features include the following:

  1. The application uses the user ID instead of the phone number, which gives users very great protection for their privacy and their entire data from hacking and gives greater confidence and security to use the application.
  2. It contains the feature of creating automated robots to accomplish tasks just like the Telegram application, which makes the process of interaction from users within the application wonderful and very distinctive.
  3. The application contains public and private chat rooms that users can roam inside and use.
  4. It is possible to communicate with other applications and interact with their users with ease and not only communicate with users within the application itself.

  • Skype application

One of the very strong alternatives to the WhatsApp application, produced by Microsoft, which is rich in definition, and which all companies and institutions use to accomplish their various work easily and quickly.

  1. It allows the presentation of high-resolution PowerPoint presentations to more than one person at one time, which makes presenting explanations and training courses very easy, fast and high-quality, and these explanations or training courses can be followed through the Skype application on mobile phones in addition to laptops and desktops.
  2. Meetings can be professionally managed, organized and scheduled as well with the Skype for Business app.
  3. The Skype for Business application organizes the ability to broadcast and share content over the Internet with 10,000 people at the same time and allows the broadcast organizer to control the number of participants who will reach this broadcast as he wants easily through the application settings.
  4. Podcasts, seminars, and lectures can be saved automatically via Microsoft's cloud called Ujwar, or the video can be shared and saved via Office 365 video.
  5. Skype for Business application enables participants in seminars and educational lectures to log in directly without the need to register an account in Skype only through the invitation link for this meeting.
  6. These were the 9 most powerful applications that are concerned with preserving the complete privacy of users and do not record user data and use it for advertising or advertising purposes, as both Facebook and Google applications do.
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