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Solve the problem of the phone stuck at the company logo

What is the solution to the problem of the phone stuck at the company logo? When you try to start your smartphone, you find that the phone stopped at the manufacturer's logo and the operation is not completed successfully.

The causes of this problem vary, and according to the solutions, the Carlcare team will present to you in today's article a complete guide to solving the following problem.

How to solve the problem of the phone stuck at the company logo

Solve the problem of the phone stuck at the company logo
Solve the problem of the phone stuck at the company logo

The problem begins with the start of your device, and you find that the phone has stopped at the manufacturer’s logo, whether Samsung, Huawei, Tecno, Infinix, Realme, or other companies, and the problem is due to various reasons. Your phone battery may be damaged or there is a virus on the external memory card or the phone’s memory itself. Or an error in the phone's operating system

Remove the phone battery

If your phone battery is removable, try removing it and trying another healthy battery. Reboot the phone and see if the operation will be successful and then the problem will be in the phone battery, or the problem will continue and then you will resort to the next solution.

  • Note: If your phone battery is not removable, start with us for the second solution directly

Remove the external SD Card

Are you using an external memory card? SD Cards give you extra memory for the phone memory so that you can store more files and download more applications, but after the memory cards may be infected with a virus that causes a problem such as a phone stuck at the company logo, so remove it and test the phone operation again whether it will be successful or not.

Use recovery mode 

Recovery mode is a mode used to solve intractable Android problems, as it is considered an environment independent of the Android operating system and enables you to format and delete data, or perform a factory reset of the phone, update the Android system version and other system treatment solutions, and this situation may help us today To solve the problem of the phone stopping at the company logo, all you have to do is apply the following steps:

  1. Turn off the device by pressing and holding the power button on the right of the phone
  2. Press and hold the power button power's  + Home button Menu Home  + Sound lift button for 5 seconds
  3. In some phones, such as HTC, the step is done by (power button + volume down button)
  4. After opening the recovery mode, use the volume button to access the Wipe Data/factory reset option
  5. The phone will reboot automatically and then see if the problem is resolved

Factory reset

We tried in the previous solutions to solve the problem of the phone stuck at the logo without deleting the data, but if the problem persists, we no longer have the option to resort to a factory reset solution and sacrifice all the phone data, but if you can back up your files, the loss will not be great then do Factory reset to restore the basic settings and get rid of any errors in the phone settings.

But we advise you to update the Android version first before implementing this solution, as old versions often encounter problems such as stopping the phone at the company logo and others, and the problem may disappear once the Android system is updated to the latest version