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10 small and inexpensive business ideas

Ideas of small and inexpensive projects andsmall projects that achieve great profitsandsmallcapital are what many young people seek to search for besideprofitable and inexpensivesmall projects, ideas through which they can start a profitable , successful project, and work that provides him with a monthly income that helps him On life, many young people think of doingsmall projects that bring big profits forthemselves instead of joining a government job, and freedom from the boring restrictions of work.

Inexpensive small business ideas

We are always looking for ideas that help us in life financially and morally, and build a brilliant future, and this will only come with diligence, and work in order to rise in life, and this does not depend only on young people, but on women, so we will provide you with ideas for small projects that are very profitable and inexpensive for girls , so you will In this article, we help you to provide profitable small business ideas for more than 100 projects. There are many successful small projects for young people .

Very profitable and inexpensive small projects

In the beginning, you must know that capital is the main factor controlling the cost of the project for you, so we will provide you with a set of successful project ideas with a small capital . You can only start your project at the lowest costs, and later you can develop it after obtaining a lot of profits and there Many ideas for small projects in Egypt, including:

First: the food cart project

Food projects are among the most profitable projects, and in recent years the idea of ​​food carts has spread widely and permanently, and is successful due to its low costs, and many cart owners invent new and delicious foods, and there are many young people who did this project with a small capital, and the project succeeded with them.

Tools needed to make a food cart project

For the success of this project needs to provide many tools, including:

  •   The vehicle that will be the headquarters of the project.
  •   Find the right place to be.
  •   Provide capital to purchase raw materials for the project.
  •   Cooking and serving utensils.

Services provided inside the food cart

Choose types of food that can be presented in a distinctive way and innovate in them.

There is also a lot of food that you can offer, which many people like, such as making crepes of all kinds.

Quick sandwiches like liver and sausage.

Making a cart specializing in sweets such as dumplings, or making a cart for grills, all these ideas do not require a lot of capital, but the need to choose the right place to stand.

Second: The project of raising ornamental birds at home

It is also one of the profitable projects and is considered one of the ideas of small projects from home, and the project is about raising ornamental birds that does not require a large cost, nor a great effort.

Preparing the steps of the ornamental birds project at home

  •   Allocate a room in the house, or on the roof.
  •   Purchase and equip cages.
  •   Buy pairs of birds, and you can start buying budgies because they are cheap and easy to breed.
  •   Providing the necessary foods and medicines for the birds.

Project development

With the passage of time and gaining experience, the project can be enlarged and developed, and other species of birds are introduced, and the marketing of ornamental birds has become easy in all Arab countries, and they are also exported to many countries, and you can also sell them in bird markets or bird shops.

Third: The project of distributing food products to shops

One of the good projects that does not require a large capital is the distribution of food products to shops.

Project preparation idea

You can start buying a tricycle to distribute small products like chips, chocolates and sweets.

Buy products from a large distributor to take them at a reasonable price and then sell them to stores.

The result of work and diligence is that you will get a large profit, and with time you will sell more products, and also buy a car to distribute more.

Fourth: The project of processing and selling vegetables at home

Many employees do not have much time after their work to prepare vegetables and the idea of ​​the project and without a high cost, you prepare vegetables at home.

Project preparation idea

  1. You start by buying fresh vegetables of all kinds.
  2. She washes them, cuts them and puts them in bags.
  3. Stand in a suitable place close to companies, factories and government departments to sell to employees.
  4.  It is considered the easiest project that does not require a large capital and does not require experience, and it is considered one of the ideas of profitable small projects for girls.

Fifth: The project of distributing eggs to shops

One of the profitable and good projects that do not need a huge capital at first

Project preparation idea

  • You can buy a tricycle to transport eggs.
  • You buy eggs from the farm or from a large distributor.
  • It distributes eggs to shops and supermarkets.

The success of your project

The success of the project depends on constantly wandering and knowing many places to display eggs. The profit depends on the number of eggs that you distribute daily. The higher the number of sales, the higher the daily profit. It is one of the ideas of very profitable and inexpensive small projects.

Sixth: Providing editorial services

The project of providing editorial services is one of the simple projects that do not require a large capital and are easy to implement from home, and it is the ideas of small profitable projects for women .

Steps to do your project

  • To provide writing and editing services.
  • You do some graphic design.
  • Writing articles and publishing them in magazines, newspapers, and websites on the Internet.
  • Exploiting the talent of drawing in designing websites, or contracting with magazines and books.
  • View some Photoshop samples if you're an expert at it.
  • You will reap a lot of profits and all of these are ideas for successful small projects for young people .

Seventh: home farming

It is one of the projects that does not need a lot of money, but rather it is the exploitation of the passion for growing plants, which most of the suburban residents work in.

How to prepare your project

  1. Growing different herbs.
  2. Grow many kinds of fruits and vegetables.
  3. After you have completed the maturity of your plantation, you sell it to neighbors and residents of the surrounding areas.

Eighth: The project of establishing a nursery

Small business ideas are very profitable and inexpensive for women and they love this type of business.

Project business idea

  • Finding a suitable place for the project.
  • Buy some different chairs and chairs.
  • Hosting young children Many working mothers are looking for a suitable place to place their children.
  • Buy games and stories for children.
  • Teaching children to read, write and draw are many hobbies.

Ninth: The hairdresser project

This project is one of the convenient small business ideas for girls , because many girls know the way to beautify women, such as hairdressing and applying make-up. This idea is what makes you open your own store to provide a lot of services for women.

Steps to prepare your project

  1. Find a suitable location for the project
  2. Equipping the place with chairs and mirrors
  3. Bring different types of makeup
  4. Choose good types of cosmetics
  5. Bring some necessary equipment in the hairdresser for hairdressing

Project development

After that, you can hire a lot of girls to help and provide these services at reasonable prices that make you famous and increase your daily income. You can also through this project sell a lot of make-up tools and cosmetics. You can also go to homes and wedding halls to decorate brides, and it is considered one of the most important small projects that achieve great profits. .

Tenth: The project of establishing a carpet cleaning shop

Many women are looking for suitable places so that they can clean the carpets, especially during the holidays.

Project business idea             

Find a suitable place to clean the carpet

Use good types of cleaning

Great effort to build a good reputation for your project

The most important ways to succeed in projects

  1. Product presentation method: The method must be new and innovative to present the product or service, taking into account the requirements of customers.
  2. Speed ​​of product delivery to customers: One of the most important elements to ensure the success of the project after the completion of the service request is the need to speed up the request.
  3. Moderation in prices: You should build a good image of the product even if you reduce the price to attract customers and then they will appreciate the quality of the product.
  4. Compensating the shortage of the commodity: You must know the demands of customers and be able to provide the missing goods in the market and offer them for consumption.
  5. Customer convenience: You must ensure the customer’s comfort through speed in providing his requests and providing goods and services from his residence instead of moving him, as this is what distinguishes the project from others.