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5 best companies to help you create an online store for your commerce

E-commerce is considered one of the most important developing areas in the region, due to the increase in the number of Internet users in general, as well as the growth of the culture of online purchases to save time and effort, and this growth is expected to continue over time.

Therefore, the shift to e-commerce and the establishment of an online store has become a necessity that entrepreneurs and commerce owners must speed up and join in.

In this article, we present to you the 5 best companies to create an online store in the Saudi and Gulf market in general.

Top 5 services to help you create an online store:

1- Shopify

Shopify is one of the most famous companies that provide e-commerce solutions in the world, and its reputation lies in providing solutions for small to medium emerging e-stores because this is the target group for them.

The biggest advantage that Shopify has among global e-commerce solution providers in the store apps and the abundance of ready-made designs that you can choose from. Among the e-commerce solutions that Shopify provides is the ability to use the application to send notifications to customers who have listed products in the shopping cart and did not complete the purchase, but unfortunately, you can only benefit from this feature by paying more than $ 79 per month.

The most prominent drawback of Shopify is that most of the necessary features in the store are only found in professional packages, which are usually high in price.

The other thing is that it is a non-local company based in Canada, and therefore the difficulty of communicating may represent an obstacle to the speed of implementation of the work.


Infoshop is one of the most prominent companies that provide e-commerce solutions for emerging commerce at the lowest prices in the Saudi and Gulf markets in general. Innoshop's strength lies in providing a complete online store made up of a website linked to a mobile app and managing them in one control panel with ease. 

Infoshop packages are the most flexible as you can get a full store, a store consisting of a website only or an application only according to your desire, and prices start from 4000 riyals for the website only to 6000 riyals for the website and application without any additional costs.

Knowing that these amounts are paid only once as the costs of establishing the store, while you pay simple annual expenses, gives InnoShop a point over other companies that impose the same annual costs for each year.

Infoshop allows you to include an unlimited number of products in all packages, which is a feature that is not available to other companies unless you subscribe to specific packages.

Unlike some e-commerce solution providers, the Innoshop team delivers the store to you in a final form to add your products, so you will not have to face the difficulty of installing the store.

3- Zid

Zed is one of the leading companies that design electronic stores in Saudi Arabia. Zed offers distinctive designs compatible with different types of stores.

Although Zed provides a variety of solutions in terms of prices, to have an integrated store that qualifies you to professionally manage your business and can add more than 100 products to your store, you will have to choose from a package of 2000 or 4000 riyals annually. 

If you are new to e-commerce, you may need the larger package, which has a team that will install the store for you. It remains to say that the online store version of Zed is a website only without an application, but if you want a special application for your online store, you will need to subscribe to the 4000 riyals package annually.

4- Shop Go

Shop Go is one of the companies that creates and designs online stores in the Middle East and North Africa. It offers a range of packages with several features.

Shopko offers 3 main packages, the first allowing the addition of 100 products, while the second is 1000 products, and the last is an unlimited number of products, and the annual price ranges between $440 and $2700 according to the chosen package.

Shopko does not offer any mobile application for the store in any of the three packages, but the store is limited to a website only. It offers the service of having a personal assistant to launch the store on your behalf and help you increase sales, and this service is considered among the two higher-priced packages.

Also, the most expensive package will give you the advantage of owning the multi-store feature, as well as the ability to analyze the marketing campaigns that you will carry out in the future.

5- Expand the cart

ExpandCart is one of the e-commerce service providers that offer unique designs for e-stores in the form of a responsive website for use through smartphones and accepts dollar payments.

ExpandCart offers different price packages to suit different store sizes starting at $29 per month in the starter store excluding the site range that you will have to purchase yourself.

You will not be able to add more than 300 products to your store unless you upgrade your package to another package at a cost of at least $139 per month which will allow you to add an unlimited number of products. Expand a Cart is a good option for micro-stores, as you do not need to pay a lot for a small store with sufficient, albeit limited, storage space.

Finally, after we mentioned the top 5 companies to create an online store, the choice remains in your hand, depending on your budget and according to the size and type of your business, you have to determine an approximate number of the number of your products that you will sell and determine how important it is to have a mobile application for your store and thus choose the company and packages that are most appropriate for your current and future needs.