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6 tips before creating a website for your business

There are now on the Internet many ways that business owners can take advantage of their presence on the Internet, whether to communicate with customers or market their services and products, among these methods is to create a website for the company or product in addition to social networks, every business owner should think Well in the benefits that will accrue to him from the way he chooses to rely on,

while social networks provide an online presence and an easy and quick way to set up to communicate with customers for free or at a low cost, creating a website requires a longer setup time in addition to a greater cost and the need for continuous maintenance and protection against attacks, However,

creating a website provides the ability to fully control everything related to the website, such as the domain name and design, in addition to the ability to sell the company's products directly through the website and publish content that enhances the presence of the company's brand in the market.

If you, as a business owner, have decided, based on your needs and the benefits that they can bring, to start creating a website, here are the following necessary tips:

1- Choose a domain name

Creating a website for your business requires choosing a domain name and registering it through a domain name registrar, and Google advises through its site to help that the domain name be expressive, meaning that it has a direct relationship to the name of the company or product and the content that will be published on it, and Google says

The domain name of your site is your address on the Internet, so it must be easy to remember so that it is simple and short, as users will not remember the domain name if it is long or difficult. In the future, it may be among the plans to sell products on the site instead of displaying them only, for example, if the site’s activity is related to car defects and in the future, it will include defects in electronic devices, a more general domain name should be chosen instead of choosing a domain name that expresses only that the site domain is related to cars Just.

2- Choose the registered company for the domain name and the hosting company

Domain-name registered companies offer domain names for general use for an annual fee, and hosting companies rent storage space on their servers to store website contents and provide access to them on the Internet. Google advises taking the following criteria into consideration when choosing a hosting company:

  1. Uptime: The amount of time your hosting provider's servers can start running. Sometimes your hosting provider might crash, so you need to find the one with the least downtime, so your site visitors can always access your site.
  2. Bandwidth: Some hosting providers limit the bandwidth available for your website, while others offer unlimited bandwidth.
  3. Security: Know the amount of protection your hosting company provides against cyber attacks and check to get support when a security issue occurs such as your site being taken over or infected with malware.
  4. Technical Support: Ease and speed of obtaining help from the hosting company when a problem occurs.
  5. Additional services: You must ensure that the hosting company provides additional services or what is necessary for the site, such as email accounts.

3- Determine the audience of the site

Before creating a website, you must determine the audience that interests you as a business owner, i.e. a category of Internet users that you are interested in visiting the site to take advantage of, for example in increasing sales or promoting your brand.

4- Create high-quality content

The content that you provide through your site should leave a good impression on site visitors that makes them share it with friends, the content of the site should provide the necessary information for the visitor, if you are creating a website for a restaurant, the site should contain opening times, all means of communication, address, and list of available foods The use of numbers, statistics and documented testimonials helps the credibility of site visitors in the company or product, and the content must be unique and add new value that is not available on other sites with elements of attraction and interaction.

5- Organizing the site

The administrator or site manager should provide a smooth and easy experience for navigating between different pages of the site as well as enabling search sites such as Google to crawl the site easily and select URL “links” that represent the content of the page.

6- Choosing a website developer

One of the most difficult steps facing a business owner when wanting to create a website for his business is to choose the company that develops the site and reaches a decision about hiring programmers, or relying on hiring programmers to work on the Internet remotely, if the cost of hiring a team is large and I advise relying on a website Freelance “ independent ” work, whose databases include hundreds of Arab web developers who can be relied upon to create a professional website that includes all the features that the business owner wants at a reasonable cost and without independent obtaining any compensation from the business owner while ensuring the implementation of the project.