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Free Fire Codes 2022 (100% working codes)

today we will present you with modern codes, especially for the Middle East, announced by the company Garena.

through which you can get a set of weapons. skins, clothes and dances, and all this for free without the need to pay. stay with us for the latter to benefit from the Free Fire codes 2021 unused. and don't forget to visit our previous article about exclusive Free Fire Middle East codes and codes for free.

Free Fire Codes 2021
Free Fire Codes 2021

You can also learn the ways that Free Fire professionals use to obtain strong accounts through the previous topic under the title ( How to obtain Free Fire accounts for free ).

What are the codes for the Free Fire game?

Free Fire codes, which are a set of numbers and letters combined with each other, form a code for us, through which we can obtain a set of features within the Free Fire game. which will increase our level of play. the most prominent of these features, obtaining various weapons, skins, free and old dances, and other cool stuff.

How do these codes work?

These codes, obtained through the official website of the Free Fire game, work by entering them in the appropriate box designated for these codes. to obtain the advantages that we talked about, which will benefit you greatly, while playing the Free Fire game.

You can get these codes from the Maloma website, which is always updated. to provide it to all its dear visitors, so we advise you to buy the site, to keep up to date with everything new about the Free Fire game.

What do Free Fire codes give its users and what kind of packages are granted?

There are a lot of players, who ask this question. and the answer is as follows:

Through these codes, provided by Garena, you can get a range of prizes, and wonderful gifts, such as:

  • Free fire old dances.
  • Various residences for life.
  • Unlock a lot of packages for gems worth more than 99.999.
  • set of weapons.
  • All of these features can be obtained, through the codes that we will present to you below, so that you can be unique in the game Free Fire. where you will also have the Sakura Skin, free ancient dances, and you can buy chests and skins.

In order not to prolong you, let's get acquainted with these codes, which you must copy, and put in the official box of the company.

Modern Free Fire codes for the year 2022

free fire codes Unused Free Fire Codes

  1. free fire recovery code Y7PS 1HR6 23H4.
  2. Unused Free Fire Code G4D1 126E 4D5S.
  3. Scary titan code free fire D4G1 D33S D5D4.
  4. free fire passcode X90B 1SD6 WSFW.
  5. Code Free Fire Throne Dance Y76S 1LR6 56L1.
  6. free fire heart dance code Z1KS 1ET6 43S1.
  7. chair dance gift code Y7KS 1ER6 23H1.

unused free fire codes

The codes are updated every day at 10 am and 7 pm on Friday

  1.  Recover Free Fire SLPS UJGM P1MR Account.
  2.  Yellow MP40 Y3PS BVA1 KJHY.
  3.  Requirement bots F2PS ABG1 OABG.
  4.  3 Thousand Jewels AZGB 8U8I 1QML.
  5.  Fire Pass VAVS 2KLP HYTG.
  6.  Throne Dance Y8PS 1HR6 HPAM.

New free fire codes today

Codes will appear on 11/4/2022.

  1. Cristian FLYAPTBRECSX.
  2. Yellow MP40 HPZAMSEUEJSX.
  3. 10 A. Jewelry YAPQSSRUEYVD.
  4. Unblock Free Fire HGKASSLUEPS.
  5. SSPASKUUABMA Account Recovery.
  6. 4EUWRCXKPLV8 - Tropical Parrot Weapon Lotte Box.
  7. MNWNA5A8BLQE Swallowtail Weapon Lotte Box.
  8. RP4TXG29EXSJ - Master Minds Weapon Lotte Chest.
  9. KPHU7KHDRLKW - Rebel Academy Weapon Lotte Box.
  10. SD19 RKJ1 75GR - Dragon Skin.
  11. AK FFIC-RF85-4MZT - Random Rifle Housing.
  12. FBSH-ARE1–0RBU5 - Random Rewards (Including Gun Skins).
  13. BGFDZBZC57 - National Day Package.

Free Fire Code 2022 is not used today

  1. 53ER JG8B R9BD - 10/04/2023: Code Tested in Region: SAC BOOY DVDU AL7W.
  2. 07/27/2020: Redeem this gift code and claim BOOY XB25 NX5D.
  3. 07/27/2020: Redeem this gift code and claim LAMVANFREEFIRE.
  4. 07/08/2020: Redeem this gift code and claim FFBB CVQZ 4MWA.
  5. 07/26/2020: Redeem this gift code and claim the Gloo Nuclear Wall FFBI 7WET OP0O.
  6. 07/26/2020: Redeem this gift code and claim a Dj Alok 78UY 99UW UTYZ.
  7. 07/26/2020: Redeem this gift code and claim Panda PAME OPQW FFBI.
  8. 07/26/2020: Redeem this gift code and order the Poring CMC8 A4NY CZ3Y.
  9. 07/5/2020: Redeem this gift code and claim your rewards TG8J U379 LR5K.
  10. 07/11/2020: Redeem this gift code and claim your rewards ZCVA LG2B QVJD.
  11. 06/14/2020: Redeem this gift code and claim your rewards 8COV 5TEL N8IV.
  12. 06/14/2020: Redeem this gift code and claim your rewards SA4G 6OM7 85KM.
  13. 06/14/2020: Redeem this gift code and claim your rewards MB3D J5QE VMDF.
  14. 04/11/2020: Redeem this gift code and claim your rewards CRIV I5MH 3I2E.
  15. 04/10/2020: Redeem this gift code and claim your rewards PEM3 7PSM 4IYC.

Codes for Free Fire 2022 

  1. SPINEPUNK - 10/04/2022: Redeem this gift code = Death M1014 CAHAYA.
  2. 05/16/2022: Redeem this gift code = SCAR Blood Moon loot box.
  3. 11/04/2022: Redeem this gift code = Fast Maniac MP40.
  4. 11/04/2022: Redeem this gift code = Trap Fama's sunset.
  5. 1/04/2022: Redeem this gift code = Cataclysm AN94. LETSGETPUNK.
  6. 11/04/2022: Redeem this gift code = AK BOMB SQUAD. Water Balloon.
  7. 11/04/2022: Redeem this gift code = AK Water Balloon Ramadan -.
  8. 11/04/2022: Redeem this gift code = Venom M4A1.

Free fire codes site

I will provide you with a group of Arabic sites that download Free Fire codes for free, in case you are not able to get your code on our site. we guarantee that you will find one of the codes in the following sites because they are specialized in this field and we copy these codes from these sites.

  • Garina website: It is the official website for the codes, but it requires you to buy codes or participate in competitions so that you can get the code for free.

The correct way to use Free Fire codes

The correct way to use Free Fire codes
There are many Free Fire fans. who do not know how to use Free Fire codes, and the matter is very simple. you can follow the following steps:

  • Go to Garena's official website.
  • Then log in to your account on Free Fire.
  • Finally, put the code that you copied from this article.

You will receive your gift or prize, through a new message, received on your account, in the Free Fire game.

In the end, this was all the information, about the latest and free Free Fire Middle East codes, for the year 2021. Share your comments with us at the bottom of this article, and thank you for reading.