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How do you choose the best freelancers to work on your projects?

The dependence of employers, entrepreneurs, and managers of small companies on freelancers “experts who can be hired remotely to do a task or complete a project” is a good thing that helps them to complete their work without incurring large costs, but the biggest challenge facing employers is how to choose freelancers to work On their projects, and how to hire the best freelancers at the most affordable cost, we will try in the following lines to make the process of choosing freelancers easy for employers and entrepreneurs.

Why should business owners rely on freelancers?

Most business owners and entrepreneurs need extra help at some point, whether it's marketing, web design, print design, developing a feature on the project's website, or even help dealing with a backlog of emails and administrative tasks. Sometimes hiring freelancers is the best decision to work on tasks that you do efficiently, and other times, an employer may need to hire freelancers to work on something that will take a lot of time to learn.

What are the advantages of hiring freelancers?

Hiring freelancers can be used to help you perform the main tasks that will make your business more efficient, profitable, and faster-growing, but finding the best “freelancer” is not an easy process, as the business owner must be confident that the freelancer who hired him can do what he wants For an appropriate fee.

How do you start hiring freelancers?

One of the most frustrating things for freelancers is to be questioned by the client, who finds that the client does not really know what they need, so as a business owner who wants to hire freelancers you must take some time to think about what you really want, for example, It is not acceptable that the service that you want the freelancer to do is to improve the website of your project, this is a non-specific and unclear service, the service must be specific, such as working on preparing the site for search engines or working to add a feature to the site or Solving the problem of the slowness of the site, for example,

also, the business owner should not ask an independent expert in social networks to help him increase the number of followers of his project or product on Twitter, but the task should be clear, to help him increase followers to a specific number in a specific time at a cost specific.

Where can employers find freelancers?

Many sites provide employers with choosing the best freelancers to work on their projects, most notably in the Arab world. An independent site that provides the search for freelancers experts in various fields such as design, administrative work, accounting, writing, content industry, proofreading, translation, marketing, sales, design, and development of websites and others, with the possibility of submitting a project It keeps offers from independent experts in the field of this project and choose between them according to the evaluation of the owners of other projects for them and according to their previous work and the cost they wish to obtain.

How do you choose the best freelancers to work on your project?

Many freelance sites, such as independent sites, provide receiving offers from freelancers to work on your project, but you must be careful and the lowest offered price is not your choice.

The exact needs you want, then put forward when you publish your project and choose the most freelancers who have the necessary expertise and competencies to meet your needs.

Because telecommuting is a completely different virtual relationship than working from the office, it is difficult to trust the capabilities and competence of the freelancer you hire, so my advice is to have a conversation with any freelancer before hiring him to work on your project to judge his skills and responsiveness.

The best strategy for hiring freelancers to work on your project is to get recommendations from friends and colleagues for people who hired them and were happy with them or achieved what they wanted without any problems.

Ask your friends to nominate freelancers to work with them and ask them about the things that interest you to implement your project, before you start hiring a freelancer Do not trust him to talk about his skills and to make sure that it is not just a talk, the only way to do this is to look at the previous work that he has done that is the biggest evidence of his skills.

How do you set a freelance schedule to work on your project?

Instead of hiring a freelancer to edit an entire book for you, ask for a specific task with a clear timeline, including all the details like how often you want to review what he's working on, whether the project cost includes content revisions, etc.

At the end of the project, you can determine the extent of the freelancer’s commitment to the schedule and the extent of his skill, and then decide whether the freelancer deserved the money you paid, and accordingly, he can be employed to work on a larger project and other future projects.