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How to Create Android Apps Without Coding for Free

As you all know, Android is one of the most widely used mobile platforms in the world. But also Android is a free and open-source operating system, so one can easily customize this operating system. If you have a lot of experience or thinking about Android apps but have no coding experience then this article will be of great importance to you because you can easily create Android apps without coding and most importantly for free.

We are going to share with you the easiest way to create Android apps without coding. Below, we have listed some sites that will help you create Android apps without coding.

How to Create Android Apps Without Coding for Free
How to Create Android Apps Without Coding for Free

Create an Android app without coding offline free

There are lots of websites available on the internet to create Android apps without coding and for free, but we only offer you the classic ones. Just follow the procedure to create your Android application for free and without code.

Features of websites that will help you build Android apps in Code:

  • You don't need to know the functions or the objects and elements that are used in programming;
  • The sites that we are going to offer you are free;
  • You can Modify your application(s) at any time;
  • You can also earn money with your created application(s);
  • HTML 5 support for additional features.

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best website to Free app maker without coding

In this section, we will present to you the 15 best websites and tools for creating mobile applications for Android and iPhone:


Appsgeyser is a useful app creation tool that lets you create apps for Android or games from existing content. Appsgeyser is extremely easy to use, just type in the web address (URL) of your website and Appsgeyser automatically converts an Android app for you. However, you must ensure that your site's pages are set to the correct size for a standard Android application or the pages will be too large to fit the screen.

Appsgeyser also allows you to monetize apps both for placing ads in your app or selling without ads through the Appsgeyser network. They also have free educational resources that support can help guide your application to success. Very interestingly, Appsgeyser also supports HTML 5 to add advanced features, the ability to send pop-up notifications for apps and advanced statistics so you can see how many times you've installed the app.

Once you are done building your Android app Appsgeyser then allows you to download the .apk file which is the installer file that is downloaded to Android devices. If you want, you can download the files from sites like Google Play (Android Market) and SlideMe Market. All applications made Appsgeyser are hosted on your network automatically.


AppyPie is the fastest growing cloud-based Mobile Apps Builder (App Maker) software that allows users without programming skills to create Android and iPhone apps for mobiles and smartphones, and publish them on Google Play and iTunes.

With Appy Pie, there is no need to install or download anything, you can just drag and drop app pages to build your mobile app online. Once the app is released, you will receive an HTML5 hybrid app that works with Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.


Buzztouch is used in conjunction with software development kits (SDKs) for iOS and Android. The BtCentral Control Panel is an open-source web-based software used to manage mobile applications created using Buzztouch.


By using AppYet, anyone can create a professional Android application. There is no programming knowledge required, just take a few minutes to create your first app. All you need to provide is links to the RSS feed


AppClay, designed and created by development experts at ShepHertz Technologies, is a popular intuitive interface that enables each of us to become an application developer without any coding effort, software installation, maintenance and investment. financial.

Anyone can use AppClay to create native HTML5 and ANDROID apps supported by all popular devices.


Andromo allows anyone to create mobile applications and communicate with a massive and ever-expanding audience. Andromo actually generates real Java code for every app you build, compiling it on its cloud servers using Google's official Android SDK.


Start building an app for your business or personal app right away. It's easy, fun and free to create your app. AppMachine makes building high-quality apps easy and affordable.

Good Barber

You can create a professional watching android app with the help of Good Barber. You don't need any programming knowledge etc. You just have to design your app, add your content, preview the results and publish them on the Google Play Store.

Mobile Roadie

With Mobile Roadie, you can build an app in no time and start reaping the full benefits of providing your customers, subscribers, and fans with engaging Android apps. This app supports almost all types of media files, with automatic RSS import and a self-refreshing fan wall through which users can easily chat with each other in real life.


TheAppBuilder provides a suite of apps that are suitable for employees, clients, events and brochures having two different approaches available.

This will work in creating your app layout and adding it to the initial content. You can even provide users with a window having multiple applications using the dedicated application library and customize it.

AppsGeyser and the websites listed above are the best sites for creating Android apps without coding.

These sites allow you to create many types of apps like websites, Page, browsers, YouTube apps (for your channel), HTML Code, TV Apps, Photo, News, Books, Audio, Wallpaper and Quiz. , you need to create a free account on this site. After that you have to select your app category mentioned above, later you have to select the app name description for your app. After all these things, you need to click on the Create Application button. After a few minutes, you will be able to download your created app in app format. You can also update your application.


The BuildFire site is made up of a group of professionals. This site is the best if you want to build an Android app without coding skills. With BuildFire, you will get a user-friendly dashboard and administrative dashboard that will help you build or update apps in no time.

iBuild App

iBuild App is all you need to build an Android app. This app provides awesome options to create apps. iBuildApp App Builder software allows a user to develop mobile apps in minutes, with no coding! This website offers an easy drag and drop option and over 1000 templates to choose from.

App Makr

With App Makr, you can create your own Android app in just 20 minutes. The site is really very useful and is used by many users. The best thing is, that you don't need to have good programming skills to develop your own Android app using App Makr.


This is another best web-based service that can guide you all the way to create custom apps almost for all android versions. The best part of AppYourself is that users don't need any talent to develop apps because the service provides a step-by-step guide on how to create your custom app.


It is another best app builder that you can rely on. Guess what? Jmango 360 comes with awesome themes and tools to customize looks and functionality. The premium feature also allows users to publish their custom apps directly to the Google Play Store.

We recommend you use this site to create the Android application without any programming knowledge. If you know any similar site to build the app without coding then comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

best website to Free app maker without coding

  • AppsGeyser
  • Appypie
  • Buzztouch
  • Appyet
  • Appclay
  • Andromo
  • AppMachine
  • Good Barber
  • Mobile Roadie
  • TheAppBuilder
  • BuildFire
  • iBuild App
  • App Makr
  • AppYourself
  • Jmango360

What are the advantages of websites that help you create Android apps in Code:

  • You don't need to know the functions or the objects and elements that are used in programming;
  • The sites that we are going to offer you are free;
  • You can Modify your application(s) at any time;
  • You can also earn money with your created application(s);
  • HTML 5 support for additional features.

How to make an app without coding?

Siberian. The tool offers its users a free application creation service. It also allows keeping the same source code. Nevertheless, its installation on your own internet domain is mandatory since customers cannot use the platform on their site.

Is it difficult to create an app?

To create an application, you have to find a relevant idea that meets a need or solves a problem. Above all, study its potential market, who its competitors are, and clearly define its user profile (smartphone only or tablet, target, age, etc.)

What software to create a mobile application?

Android Studio is an Android mobile application development software designed by Google. Its implementation editor is very useful for Android developers. Android Studio provides useful shortcuts for coding and design and its layout designer makes it very easy to use

How to code a mobile application for free?

Appyet is a completely free application creator that has the quality of being very easy to use. This tool is a native application on Android, which makes it even more practical. No coding knowledge is required to create its application.

How to create your own application for free?

Appyet is a free and ideal tool to create a native application for Android in 5 minutes flat. Easy to use, it does not require specific programming knowledge. In addition, you have the possibility of monetizing its mobile application thanks to advertising banners