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How to fix a phone microphone in simple steps

The problem of the microphone of the phone is repeated from time to time with Android users, sometimes during calls, the sound disappears completely and the other person cannot hear your voice

Today, in this article, we are going to give you some solutions on how to fix the microphone of the phone that you can try before you decide to go to the service centre.

How to repair the microphone of the phone

There are different solutions to try if you encounter the problem of microphone failure, which we present to you in the following lines.

How to fix a phone microphone in simple steps
How to fix a phone microphone in simple steps

1- Is the problem really with your phone's microphone?

When the speaker on the other end of the call tells you that your voice has disappeared, keep an eye on the location of your fingers, as some people inadvertently put their fingers into the mic without noticing.

For some users it may interfere between the network problem and the microphone problem, some areas suffer from a clear weakness in the network that prevents the other party from hearing you well, try moving to another place 

2- Restart your smartphone

Rebooting the device is always the most valuable, popular and most effective advice, most of the Android problems you may encounter are not actual problems, but just temporary system failures, and once you restart your phone, the problem disappears.

  • Press and hold the power button (on the side of the phone)
  • Choose "restart"
  • Then retest the microphone by making a call

If the microphone issue persists, try turning off your device for a few minutes

  • Press and hold the power button (right of the phone)
  • Choose "power off" 
  • After the screen turns black, wait a few minutes and then press and hold the power button until the screen lights up again and the device turns on.

3- Try disabling noise reduction

With the development of Android phones, many important features have developed, including the noise reduction feature during calls, a feature that automatically reduces background sounds during calls, but unfortunately, sometimes an error occurs in this new feature and is the reason for the phone’s microphone to malfunction, so we advise you to try to Disable the feature and test the microphone afterwards.

4- Clean the microphone hole

A clogged microphone hole due to dust does not happen overnight, but with prolonged use of the phone, dirt accumulates over time We show you the proper way to clean safely.

  • Locate the microphone in your phone - you can search on Google by typing "phone microphone location - model-) and it will show you pictures showing the location of the microphone
  • Using a clean, thin, soft brush such as a paintbrush
  • Move the brush tips slowly and very carefully, trying to get the dirt out
  • You can use a fine needle, but be careful not to spoil the microphone - ask a phone shop to clean the phone slots safely

 5- Get rid of microphones disable apps

Have you downloaded any apps recently? Some malicious applications cause the microphone to be disabled. To check, activate the Safe mode, which offers you the option to use your phone in the basic version without any programs, and you can then make a call and test whether the microphone is back to work or not.

If your phone microphone is fixed in safe mode and you can't remember which app is causing the problem, you will need to do a factory reset which will restore your phone to its default settings but will delete all your data.

6- Does your phone case mute the microphone

Some users get involved in buying a phone case that is not original or not suitable for the phone model, which sometimes causes the microphone hole to be blocked in the mobile phone, so try to walk it and test the clarity of the sound afterwards.

7- Replace the microphone

If the previous methods did not succeed in repairing your phone microphone, then you will need to review the warranty period for your phone to be able to replace it for free, or you can go to a specialized Carlcare service centre

Carlcare is one of the trusted mobile repair companies where you can easily replace your phone screen. We are the official customer service provider for all Infinix, TECNO and itel smartphone users globally. We are also experts in repairing smartphones from other brands like Samsung, iPhone, etc.

You can have your phone delivered to any of our centres near you. We will check your smartphone thoroughly and determine if your phone's microphone is damaged or not. And if the cost of repair has risen significantly, we will tell you that it is not worth repairing / replacing.