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At a time when internet browsing by smartphone is becoming the main mode of browsing in the world, it is more important than ever for webmasters to pay particular attention to the loading speed of their website. According to a recent survey on the preferences of Internet users, it appears that they are now very careful about the loading speed of the pages they consult. If it offers a display time of more than 3 seconds, more than 45% of Internet users will leave the page from the 4th second…

While many parameters must be taken into account for optimal loading speed, both for your visitors and for the search engines indexing your website, the most important is undoubtedly the weight of your images , which are intended to be light for fast loading. But compressing an image is a complex art, where you must resolutely take into account the weight of the latter but also its quality, which must be preserved.

Fortunately, tools are at your disposal to help you compress an image without altering its quality, and the resulting quality of your pages. Whether online or attached to a creation platform, these tools, free or paid, are among the most effective currently available. Don't waste time looking for them, has grouped them for you below.

compressing images online
compressing images online

Compress an image online: the 9 essential tools

Open to as many people as possible and mostly free, tools to compress an image online are often the first that come to mind for many webmasters. For many even, they are the only ones they use because of their speed of access and professional results that they can acquire for free.

However, tools to compress an image on WordPress or PrestaShop exist, as we detail later in this article. But before dwelling on it, discover below the 9 online tools you need to know to compress an image.


Free, online and intuitive, Compressor is a reference in the field of image compression. It supports 4 formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF and SVG) and allows you to benefit from a beautiful quality photo, lighter, in a few clicks.


The interface of the Optimizilla tool is ultra simplified. You can upload and compress up to 20 photos at once. However, only JPEG and PNG formats are accepted. When the compression is complete, you can even compare the images to check that the quality is right for you.

Compress JPEG

Compressing JPEG is an Optimizilla bis. It offers the same functionality, except that, as the name suggests, it only accepts images in JPG or JPEG.

Gif Compressor

With Gif Compressor , we stay in the same family as Optimizilla and Compress JPEG, except that here we reduce GIFs. You can also upload 20 at a time.

I Love Img

More complete than the other tools presented, I Love Img allows you to crop, resize and compress your images. You will be able to work more on your visual before reducing the weight , but not the quality. Supported formats are JPG, PNG or GIF. You can upload multiple photos from your computer or a Dropbox folder.


As its name suggests, ezGIF is a tool entirely dedicated to animations. It allows you to create, optimize or resize a GIF. You can also modify the animations, add text or adjust the reading speed.

Finally, if your GIF file is too large to be uploaded to your site or social networks, you can compress it without altering its quality.

TinyJPG ou TinyPNG

These two similar platforms , which have a very cute panda as a mascot, offer you to compress your photos in JPG or PNG format. With just one click, you get very good quality visuals, but much lighter.

Very complete, the tool accepts almost all photo formats: JPG, PNG, GIG, BMP, PSD, TIFF… On the other hand, as soon as you upload an image to compress it, it comes out to you in JPG format. You will have no other choice. However, nothing prevents you from converting it later.


Simple and effective, Kraken gives you the choice of compression: Lossy, Lossless and Expert. You can therefore select maximum compression, but with a slight loss of quality, or lower compression which retains the sharpness of your photo. To see according to your needs!

Compress an image on WordPress: the 4 tools to know

With its 4 available image sizes, WordPress is rather behind the expectations and current needs of its users when it comes to creative freedom. However, it has been offering compatible modules for several years now to its creators to allow them to compress an image without the need to look for an image compression solution online. If the list of available modules is long, 4 particularly stand out for their professionalism.


Imagify is a free WordPress plugin that will save you a lot of time. Rather than reducing your photos one by one, this extension offers to compress them all at once. Of course, if you only want to reduce part of your visuals, the tool offers you to select them beforehand. You will also have the choice of compression strength: Ultra, Aggressive or Normal. Imagify then displays your statistics to know the weight gained following the compression.

WP Smush

With over a million active users to date, WP Smush is the most famous WordPress compression and optimization tool. Compatible with the multisite version, it offers your selection of a free version and a paid version at $49 per month. Note that the first does not allow lossless compression, unlike the paid one. You also have the “lazy load” option, as well as the possibility of optimizing up to 50 images at the same time. Finally, you will also be able to resize images (set maximum width and height settings) and quickly spot images that are slowing down your site.


Offering to resize and compress your images without any loss of quality, ShortPixel is an unbeatable tool for compressing an image on WordPress. Working automatically and very quickly, it saves your original images in a separate folder and allows you to compare the original file with its compressed version, in order to see the difference in quality and size. Offered in a free and paid format, it offers a free plan for 100 compressions per month, then scales its prices from $5 to $30.


100% free, EWWW offers optimization of JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF files. There are lossy and lossless compression options, the first advantage of EWWW is that there are no limitations for the number of uploaded images. Additionally, the free version of EWWW performs optimizations on your own web server, while all other tools use external servers. This is good for privacy-focused sites. Be careful though, you will not be safe from overheating if you try to compress too many images at once.

Compress an image on PrestaShop: the CDN option

A popular platform, PrestaShop unfortunately lags behind when it comes to offering free modules for compressing an image. The few existing ones all offer subscriptions whose price is not very attractive when compared to WordPress modules or online image compression tools. Fortunately for webmasters wishing to increase the performance of their site, the platform is equipped with the CDN (Content Delivery Network) tool.

By simple definition, this tool offers the distribution of your media content from a server other than yours. If this may seem off-topic for some, it offers several advantages for a webmaster: lightening of the data processed by the server, parallelization of requests leading to an acceleration of the display, and in the case of an international site, choice of a server whose physical address is closest to the target of your website.

To benefit from this feature, you must first accept the activation of CCCs. To do this, go to the "Media Server" page.

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