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Compress photos online | The best sites to compress images on the Internet

Compress Images Online - Online image compression websites help to reduce the size of images without noticeable loss in quality. There are many sites on the Internet that specialize in reducing the size of images without the need for any program. In this article, we will mention the best online image compression sites while maintaining their quality.

Compress photos online
Compress photos online

The best online  image compression  sites on the Internet

We may need to reduce the size of the images online without programs to upload them to uploading sites on the Internet easily to save time. Or to raise it in articles and reduce the loading time of your site or blog to give you more speed because this is directly related to the ranking of search engines.

Whereas, if your page takes more time to load, your competition can outdo you because large images take more time to load. Even if your content is of high quality, hence the importance of compressing images online to reduce their size.

1- Online image compression site

It is a free, easy and fast site that has a simple interface to compress images with high power while maintaining their quality as much as possible and does not require registration. What distinguishes this site from others is the ability to compress images online in the modern generation formats of images. Rarely do you find a site  to compress images in these modern formats.

Features of

  1. A free, easy and fast site that accepts compression of all types of image formats to the smallest size in kilobytes.
  2. The ability to compress images in webp format. Modern, which is characterized by a very small size and is recommended by Google. To save from data consumption on the Internet to solve the problem of slow browsing of websites and blogs.
  3. supports image  compression in Mozjpeg, an improved format from Mozilla similar to webp. To reduce data consumption and improve browsing. 
  4. The ability to choose the final image size and dimensions, image resize online, and control the colors and channels of the images.
  5. Provides an addition to the desktop and phones to access photos on your device more quickly and save time.

2- iloveimg website to compress images online 

It is a site that provides all the necessary tools to deal with images online for free and does not need to explain how to deal with it because it is in Arabic. You can edit your photos, watermark, convert, crop, and resize photos. Rotate images, compress images without affecting  their quality at all.

Features of iloveimg

  1. A free and easy site that supports the Arabic language and does not require registration.
  2. It provides all photo editing tools on the site.
  3. The ability to convert any page on the Internet into an image by simply entering the page link.
  4. It is characterized by strong compression of the image size without affecting the image quality.

Visit iloveimg . website

3-  TinyPNG time

TinyPNG  is one  of the best online image compression sites, and it uses smart compression techniques that reduce image size easily.

But it does not reduce the quality of the image, and one cannot differentiate between the original image and the thumbnail on the basis of quality.

It stands out among other compression tools and only optimizes jpg, png image files.

4-  ImageOptimizer website

ImageOptimizer  is one of the best free image compression tools available online.

It also uses smart compression techniques to compress images, and for advanced users, they also have a feature called "Smart Mode" to compress images even more powerfully.

This tool only  compresses jpeg and png images, and this tool can let you compress images in 3 preset modes. Namely (lossless, normal, and high mode).

It also lets you set your own compression level, and this image compression tool also makes it easy for you to fetch images from any URL or all images from any website.

5- Opportunity is a   powerful and free online tool to reduce image size. It results in an image that is small in size with no difference in quality.

It is also used to effectively compress the file size. It supports four types of file formats. PNG, JPEG, GIF, and SVG. With this tool, we can perform powerful compression as it is one of the best online image compression sites.

6-  Optimizilla website

Optimizilla is using an   online image compression tool to shrink the image size, and the best thing is that it compresses the images in the least amount of time. That is, we can reduce up to 20 images at a time and give the best result.

The image quality is not reduced and you can also download pdf files to reduce it.

7- Resize Photos 

Resize Photos is a   great tool in this list of free online image compression tools. It allows you to resize your photo online and offers 1-100 scale image compression depending on the compression you want.

All you have to do is upload and compress the images and then you can upload these images online to your websites, forums and blogs.